The Power Of Corporate Vision And Transformational Leadership

The Power Of Corporate Vision And Transformational Leadership


Transformational Leadership!

“To be successful as a woman and nation, we must seek to transform our children and followers into leaders and global agents of change and transformation” Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi

Beloved this is not the time to isolate yourself and the wealth and/or businesses your have created! It is absolutely not the time for you to conceal the secrets of your success and victory! Neither is it the time to be competing and fighting with one another! This is a time for sharing, a time for giving, and a time for collaboration and the establishment of collective partnerships.

Arise, walk out of any form of insecurity and fear, and make the decision to embark on a mission of authentic leadership, that empowers you to leave a lasting legacy to the countless young ones and generations looking up to you! You are far bigger than the petty fears and insecurities that drive you into unhealthy competition, jealousy, and resentment!

You are far bigger than the businesses and wealth you have created and/or accumulated so far…You are far bigger than any past and/or present success you have achieved thus far. You are a wealth of endless potentials and possibilities waiting to be tapped into and unveiled to the world… A very unique, original, and authentic being and creator!!! You are one of kind, and could never be another man or woman, nor could another man or woman ever be you! You can’t compete with anyone, and no one can compete with you!

Your true potential and success is not measured by competing with others and comparing how much you have accumulated/ achieved, or can accumulate/achieve when compared to them…oh no! Your true potential and success is measured by how much you have achieved/produced and given in relation to what you are capable of achieving, producing, and giving! In other words, it’s got to do with revealing a true inner picture of your very unique identity and maximum potential!

Therefore beloved, it is very vital and indispensable that you arise, do away with every petty cultural, religious, racial, social, and language differences/ barriers that separate us, and be unified through a corporate vision—bigger than any physical barrier/ obstacle and fear; which gives us the most authentic opportunity and platform to truly be ourselves and serve in our most authentic form and being…for a better, kind, peaceful, and just world!

Our focus should be on our common aspirations and objectives! Our focus should be on a unified voice crying out for children’s future, freedom, equality, justice, and love! Together we are better! Together we are powerful! Together we are stronger! Together we are invincible! Together we create and leave a unified legacy of a better world for our children and generation to come! Together we have a common vision for a fair, just, better world!

Together, we have a global vision that brings us all together as humans in love and harmony (irrespective of our background or nationality), and foster national and global collaboration, mutual understanding, respect, support, leadership, and mentorship!

Be Ye Transformed By The Renewal of Your Mind…

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