You Are A Masterpiece, Original, Born To Shine…A blessing to humanity And The world.

You Are A Masterpiece, Original, Born To Shine…A blessing to humanity And The world.


I’ve always said, knowledge is potential power. I cannot emphasize this enough. In Hosea 4:6, it says my people are destroyed as a result of a lack of knowledge. I must emphasise that, knowledge of the truth is what is powerful and brings about great liberation and transformation… It also says in the bible, when you know the truth, the truth shall set you free.

You may be asking: “and what is this truth?” Of note, knowledge simply means information, and you can have access to either false information or true information, or both…However, what you are interested in for a powerful and transformational journey, is knowledge of the truth. And that’s where wisdom comes in. However, having knowledge of the truth is not enough to bring about transformation. The real transformation takes place only when you apply the knowledge you have gained in those areas or wherever it’s relevant in your life.

My greatest wish and prayer for you in these final days of 2016 and always, is that you seek and acquire wisdom…you should seek knowledge of the truth, above all else. That knowledge/wisdom of discernment to be able to tell what is true from what is false and be able to apply that in your life so as to experience a fulfilled and purposeful 2016 and future ahead of you.

The best way to keep people enslaved is to deprive them of knowledge of the truth. I mean, our forefathers back in the ages in Africa were most probably easy to enslave, because they lacked knowledge of the truth of who they were. They lacked knowledge of the great potentials, resources, and abilities they had to transform their lives, their families, their nations and their continent… which is why they could be easily enslaved. The same thing is happening today to most women who are being abused and oppressed, simply because they lack knowledge of who they truly are.

I want to speak specifically to you woman. I have a great desire to speak specifically to you. I want to stir within your spirit; a great desire for a new revelation of who you truly are as a woman. I want to stir within your spirit that desire to get knowledge, to get wisdom—we are disadvantaged, oppressed, enslaved, and constantly being used as objects of abuse, pleasure, etc, simply because we lack the knowledge of who we truly are. We lack knowledge of the immense potentials and abilities within us to change our situation. So that’s why I address you, however this is for everybody.

I tell you, woman, wake up, arise, search knowledge, search wisdom, embark on a journey… a transformational journey to impact your life, your children, your family, once and for all. This is the time; there is no other time like now, and no better place like here. Stop waiting for people to change your life. Wake up, arise, and be the change you want to see. You can do that. It starts with awareness; awareness of the truth of who you authentically are and represent as a woman, or as a man, a person…

In a case where you don’t know who are, there is a great tendency that you will end up living in mediocrity…you will eventually settle for a mediocre life, never being able to live a life of purpose and fulfilment. Therefore, to live an all fulfilling and exceptional life in these last few days of 2016 and the years ahead, it is paramount that you go back to the fundamentals of self-identification/ self-awareness… to unveil who you authentically are!

You are a Masterpiece, Original, born to succeed…born to conquer… born to thrive in excellence! You are a blessing to humanity and the world…

God bless you!

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