About the transformation centre

Our Cutting-edge and innovative Transformation Center specializes in personalized and bespoke high quality and affordable Holistic Health & Wellbeing Transformational programs and coaching, psychological therapies and complementary healthcare and wellbeing services; to meet your mental, emotional, physical and personal health and wellbeing needs. We provide well-tested and proven ethical and non-invasive therapies and solutions, backed by peer-reviewed scientific research and natural laws and principles of nature that govern optimum health/wellbeing and success; to empower and support you to live a happy, healthy, balanced, vibrant, and fulfilled life.
At Dr Sylvia Likambi International Health & Wellbeing Clinic which operates at the Centre, you will be guided through a successful mental transformational and holistic journey. Our devoted consultant/specialist health professional and Mindset Transformation/Master Coach, Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi and expert partners, will empower you to live a depression-free/anxiety-free life, overcome past traumatic experiences and fulfil your maximum life potential.

Our Bespoke Lifestyle & Wellness Intensive programs, Transformation Coaching and therapies are designed to transform your life forever; and equip you with the resources required to overcome stress, and conquer any form of low self-esteem, low self-confidence, resentment, anger, anxiety, depression, and mental health problems. We guarantee absolute success in your coaching and transformational journey when you fully commit to work with us.
We are always exploring and applying the most innovative and sustainable wellbeing principles, resources and techniques, that enable you flourish in optimal health and wellbeing.
We pride ourselves in creating a positive, dynamic, reassuring, healthy, and friendly atmosphere and experience.


About Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi is a visionary, multi-award-winning leading empowerment and transformation authority, transformational Speaker/ Coach, and seven-times international best-selling author; specialized in the delivery of very high quality/cutting-edge empowerment and revolutionary leadership and transformation programs. She is Founder/Global Chair of The Global Visionary Women Network, Founder and CEO of “Behaviour Changed” Award Winning Community Interest Company, Voice of Nations; and Global CEO/Consultant of Dr Sylvia Likambi International/ Dr Sylvia Likambi International Health & Wellbeing Clinic.

Over the years, she has coached, empowered, inspired, and positively impacted/ transformed over 1.5 million lives globally, thousands of female entrepreneurs, and relentlessly empowered many to come out of addictions, depression, get into training, volunteering, employment/self-employment, leadership roles; and also offered them several of such opportunities through her organizations.

Dr Sylvia has participated immensely in leukaemia research and is author/co-author in a number of international peer reviewed journals. She is also an ILM certified executive and business/Life Coach. She was nominated in the African Business Chamber’s UK TOP 100 African Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs 2022 List, and listed on the Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021 by The UK Black Business Show. She was also the winner of Honorary Award for Exemplary Professional Leadership Recognition at the Enterprise Minds Awards 2018, The Positive Role Model for Gender Award at The UK National Diversity Awards 2016, and multiple nominee and finalist for other prestigious national/ international awards.

She brings a very unique and dynamic blend of inspiration, purpose, empowerment, and transformation in her mentoring, coaching, and engagements; that has the potential of transforming the most dormant/negative mindset into a highly productive/positive and dynamic mindset, capable of setting and achieving any life goal.

We Work On The Leader’s Ability To Envision, Think And Plan Strategically.

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