Leading with Wellness: Cultivating Optimal Mental Health for Effective Leadership

Leading with Wellness: Cultivating Optimal Mental Health for Effective Leadership


Wishing all you inspiring and transformational leaders a healthy and fruitful Mental Health Awareness Week.

What do you do daily to ensure you flourish in optimal mental health and wellbeing? Are you aware of and intentional about your mental state of being at every given moment in time? Or do you overlook, ignore, neglect, and/or let the issues and burdens of life/your life determine the latter?

Beloved, we are spiritual beings (higher power) having a natural experience on this planet, whatever that experience is, and our spirit has infinite power and authority over our body and our feelings. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) You must know who you are in order to understand and leverage the infinite power and potential that you possess to ensure that you thrive in optimal mental health and wellbeing. You must understand that you, and not your emotions, problems, challenges, and/or shortcomings, are in control and have the power and authority to drive your mind to think the way you want to think and construct healthy and fulfilling thoughts and thought patterns – irrespective of what is going on around you or in the world.

You must understand that no one but you can choose the thoughts you think and would be the primary benefactor of such thoughts – good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, edifying or destructive, etc.

We can’t blame anyone but ourselves and hold ourselves responsible for the thoughts we think or choose to think – constructive or destructive – and the consequences of our choices of thoughts, words, etc. will be made manifest in our lives and play a huge role in our Mental health and overall wellbeing.

Be reminded that it takes far less energy and strength to think positively and be optimistic than to think negatively and be pessimistic…

What type of thoughts do you commit to harbour in your mind daily during this mental health week and beyond? You can’t eat junk and blame anyone for doing so… Just as you can’t consistently think negatively and blame anyone for doing so… Of note, healthy and positive thoughts are completely free and accessible to all! There are absolutely no barriers to accessing and benefiting from the infinite power, health and life trapped within them, except the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts we cultivate and harbour in our own minds…

My wish and greatest heart’s desire for you is that as you read this post, it inspires you to commit to take control of your thoughts and mind if you aren’t already doing so and you choose to think positively each time you are privileged to think or welcome a thought. In addition to the latter, you must always exercise power and authority over your emotions and not let them control you/your life ✨️

In summary, Mental Health Awareness Week serves as a poignant reminder for individuals, especially leaders, to prioritise their mental wellbeing. It prompts reflection on daily practices that foster mental resilience and awareness of one’s emotional state. Recognising our spiritual essence, with its inherent power over thoughts and emotions, underscores the importance of cultivating positive mental habits. Responsibility for our mental health lies within, with our choices shaping our mental landscape and overall wellbeing. Embracing positivity not only energises but also empowers us to navigate life’s challenges. This week, and beyond, let us commit to nurturing a mindset of growth, resilience, and emotional mastery, harnessing the limitless potential within us to thrive mentally and emotionally. #MentalHealth #Positivity #SelfAwareness #EmotionalMastery

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