Gratitude Over Entitlement: Cultivating Joy and Fulfilment

Gratitude Over Entitlement: Cultivating Joy and Fulfilment


Gratitude is the practice of recognising and appreciating the goodness in our lives, often unearned and freely given.

Entitlement, on the other hand, is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

When we embrace gratitude, we anchor ourselves in the present, cherishing the blessings and kindness we receive. This fosters a sense of joy, fulfilment, and peace. However, when we embrace entitlement, our focus shifts inward, fixating on what we believe the world owes us. This mentality leads to perpetual dissatisfaction and ingratitude, blinding us to the efforts and sacrifices of others that contribute to our well-being.

In today’s rapidly changing world, where fundamental values are constantly being ditched and ignored, we often find ourselves consumed by a spirit of expectancy, always looking towards what’s next. But in doing so, we rob ourselves of the present moment and overlook the countless blessings that surround us.

Consider the example of a meal lovingly prepared by someone dear. If we approach each meal with entitlement, expecting the finest ingredients or perfect flavour balance, we miss the true essence—the care, effort, and love poured into it. But when we approach it with gratitude, we are able to savour the taste as well as the thoughtfulness and sacrifice behind it. Expressing our gratitude for the food and effort involved not only brings happiness to the giver but also enriches the dining experience. We enjoy each bite, understanding it as a gift. Conversely, approaching the meal with entitlement diminishes our capacity to enjoy it. We overlook the love and care imbued in each dish and remain fixated on what else we desire.

Gratitude shifts our perspective from “I deserve this” to “I am blessed to have this.” It recognises the contributions of others, fostering appreciation and connection. Entitlement, however, narrows our worldview to our own wants and needs, often overlooking the dedication and sacrifices of others that make our comforts and successes possible.

By practising gratitude, we illuminate our lives with contentment and joy. We see the beauty in the mundane and are able to appreciate life better and experience fulfilment in simple pleasures. Gratitude reminds us that every moment, each act of kindness, and every small achievement is a privilege, not a given.

Let us choose to live with a heart full of gratitude, recognising the abundance around us and the collective efforts behind our happiness. In doing so, we enrich our lives while also acknowledging and honouring the lives of those who have walked this path with us and supported us in one way or another.

The same principle applies to marriage. Initially, I approached some aspects of my marriage with a sense of entitlement. I focused on what I thought I deserved rather than appreciating the extraordinary care and love my darling husband bestowed upon me. This narrowed my vision and often led to discontent.

However, as I matured and worked on myself, my entire perception changed for the better. I shifted my perception from entitlement to gratitude. I began to see the privileges I enjoyed daily—the special treatment and devotion from my darling husband. Starting each day with infinite gratitude towards him, I found our love strengthening and eventually becoming unshakable. My husband felt immensely appreciated and would, in turn, share even more of himself and his love. He reciprocated with even deeper appreciation, prompting me to give more of myself, knowing our union was cherished.

In this continuous exchange of gratitude, we count our blessings, not because we consider ourselves the best couple in the world (even though we are undeniably a remarkable power couple and role model for many couples) 💖😍, but because we are eternally blessed. This realisation reinforces our bond, fostering a thriving environment where love and appreciation reign supreme.

In finishing off this special message, my wish and prayer for you is that you let gratitude guide your heart, so you may experience a joyful, fulfilling, and peaceful life no matter what comes your way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May you find the strength to cultivate gratitude in your heart and experience its boundless rewards. 🌟

Please let me know your thoughts and how you approach life.

To a grateful, purposeful and fulfilling life.

With gratitude,

Your Transformation Doc & Friend. ❤️

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