Your Beliefs Have The Power To Build Or Destroy You – Get Them Right!

Your Beliefs Have The Power To Build Or Destroy You – Get Them Right!


Who do you believe you are? Where do you believe you have come from? What do you believe you can do? What do you believe is your purpose? What do you believe you were created and put on planet earth to do? Where do you believe is your final destination? You are simply a sum total of your beliefs!

Now, do you believe in you are beautifully, wonderfully, and fearfully made? Do you believe you are an original and masterpiece uniquely designed and created by The Most High God? Do you believe you are a victor and conqueror? Do you believe you the best of best? Do you believe you are wired and destined to succeed, and success is your birth right? Do you believe you were born to live, be happy, prosperous, and enjoy life to the fullest? Do you believe you are a leader and change agent? Do you believe you are a symbol of love, peace, and hope to mankind? Do you believe every mess/ storm you have encountered and will encounter in life is a powerful message and symbol of hope and life to someone going through that same mess/ storm now or who will go through in the future?

Your beliefs are simply the seeds that give birth to who you are and the kind of fruits/ actions you display… if you do not like the life you have and are living today…no one is to blame…no one is responsible… but you beloved! Now, please do not tell me…” but I had no choice…” The simple truth is, no one can impose a belief/ belief system on you, unless you choose to accept it and adopt it as your new belief system… Not even God, in all His Sovereignty can impose a belief system on you…if this was possible, then all humans living today would believe in Him! You simply chose to believe or not to believe in Him, in exactly the same way you choose to believe or not to believe in what you are been told or fed with! Hence, make no excuses or justification…such are for children, not grownups!

On the contrary, you are who you are today and hold the beliefs you do today because you chose to sow and/ or nurture and give life to those seeds/ beliefs sown in you, consciously or unconsciously…directly or indirectly! You might have taken on certain seeds/ beliefs, because you were born, grew up or lived in an environment where only such seeds/ beliefs were sown…and hence, you now hold those seeds/ beliefs! But guess what? Unless you decide to nurture, feed, and give roots/ life to those seeds/ beliefs through your thoughts…then all attempts for them to take root/life and sprout becomes in vain! In order words, unless you feed them and enable them to take root and grow in your mind through your thoughts… every seed and belief sown in your mind/ life becomes dead and lifeless! In essence…as you think, so you become… because as you think, you give root and life to every dead seed/ idea, philosophy, word, concept, etc spoken/ sown into your life and mind…in order words, you resurrect them in your mind, and make them become alive again as the sprout out through your words, actions/ deeds! Hence, be careful and mindful of the thoughts you have…as they are the roots/ only source of nutrients for all seeds/ beliefs sown into your life!

Hence, you are solely responsible and accountable for the beliefs you hold about yourself today… because you gave life to them through your thoughts! Of note, one knows or sees your beliefs and thoughts…until you begin to express them via your words, actions, deeds, and habits. Consequently, no one has control over them but you! The world can only get a glimpse of these when they start coming out, and are being expressed in your words and actions…in the same way, the world could only get a glimpse of a seed that has been sown in the soil when it starts shooting out of the soil…through its stem, branches, leaves, and eventually, its fruits!

Change your beliefs and change your life! Change your seeds and change your fruits…there is simply no other way of doing this! The harvest does not determine the fruit…the seed does! Your actions do not define you, your beliefs do! We are bound to reap what we sow! For example, you cannot believe in love, yet sow hatred…You cannot believe in kindness, yet sow wickedness, you cannot believe in good, yet sow evil…You cannot believe in justice, yet sow injustice… You cannot believe in peace, yet sow war…You cannot believe in the light, sow darkness! We could never defile principles and laws of nature… Whether we believe in them or not, they stand firm and have an effect on us and in our lives!

Sow the seeds of the fruits you would love to reap today, now… not tomorrow, not later, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Be blessed and inspired to take actions today!

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