Life’s Decisive Moments

“My friend, take note, cherish and appreciate those seemingly little and insignificant moments of life that often go unnoticed, unappreciated, and are taken for granted… they are such moments that make all the difference and determine the turning points of your life.” Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

To live in fulfilment & Abundance in 2018, we cannot and must not disregard the tiny moments and achievements that eventually build up into plenty and abundance. When we do this we waste away valuable moments, experiences, and resources; and it becomes almost immpossible to achieve a state of abundance and fulfilment. Hence, be mindful of the little moments-those small and seemingly insignificant moments…

Be mindful and deliberate about how and with whom you choose to spend each second and moment of your day and life… Be deliberate about the words you utter and the actions you take at every given second and moment you have to live… Be conscious and deliberate about the choices and decisions you make at each moment of your day and life…

Of note, they are the little moments ( those decisive moments) in life that determine the overall outcome of your life and make life beautiful and worth living or otherwise…

It was/ is in a moment when that breakthrough of yours came/ will come… It was in a moment, that you finally completed that project on which you have been working for days or even years…It was in a moment when you completed your final and decisive exam that determined the outcome of that prestigious certificate or degree in a course or program you been studying for years…It was in a moment when that Olympic Gold medal champion crossed over the finish/ winning line…

it was in a moment when the team striker scored that winning and defining goal… it was in a moment when the football referee sounded that final whistle which ended the 90+ minutes match and determined the winners… It was in a moment, when you eventually said “yes I do,” and tied the knot… after dating for years, or even decades… It was also in a moment when you finally said… “I am done… I quit,” and put an end to that marriage, relationship, job, business, career, or even to that life, that you have been working endlessly on improving and hoping to make better…

Finally… it is in a moment when we watch a loved one take his/her last and final breath of Life…and in the next moment, he/she is gone… never to be with us again!

Life is lived, enjoyed, and cherished in the moments. Commit on this day,  in this very moment and for the rest of your days in 2018 to live, value, and cherish each moment of your life like you have never done before…like it was the very last moment of your life.. and be open and ready to learn and draw from the incredible life lessons every single moment presents to you – good or bad.

Life happens in moments…from the moment you were conceived to the moment you take your final breath! Enjoy each moment and make it count – make it the very best!

To your very best life moments and year of abundance!


With love,


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