You Have The Power To Change Your Day & Your Life

You Have The Power To Change Your Day & Your Life


Hope your day was a great success…if not, you have the power to change it… How? By changing your perception and attitude towards it, and finalizing it with a positive thought… knowing that every life challenge is a unique opportunity to grow, learn and become better…and each challenge comes wrapped up with an excess of life lessons and Wisdom as a special and priceless gift to you.

As you read this post, I would like to call to your attention that you have the power to change your day and life right here and now! Oh yes you really do…by simply changing the way you think about it! How simple, yet complex and often difficult to implement… what is your take?

It’s all about your thoughts and attitude towards life and its events! Your thoughts become your reality, and your reality in turn determines how each life experience you encounter is embraced, perceived and lived!

Where one sees a half empty cup, and is sad, ungrateful, and depressed, because he wasn’t able to fill up his cup…another sees a half filled cup, and is happy, grateful and excited, he got enough, if not, plenty…up to half of his cup is filled, when others did not manage to fill up to a third (1/3)! He is so grateful and can’t wait for the ideal opportunity to fill it up to the brim. Yet, he rejoices in the now and with what he has…being wiling and ready to bless others by sharing what he has with those who have nothing.

Verily I say unto you…make it your duty and obligation to be positive, always… always see the good in everything, regardless of how horrible that situation may be…you may just have to look a little harder and longer to find something good out of it…but it is definitely worth it! Our ability to see the bad in things is only limited to our degree of awareness of the absence of good in things. When we see the bad in things and in people, it is an indication of the absence of good or in our inability to see the good. Hence, when we eventually find the good, the bad can longer exist…

Just as darkness represents our state of awareness of the absence of light, and when light is present, darkness is instantly swallowed up by the light and becomes nonexistence…Furthermore, in the same way that light and darkness cannot coexist, so too good and bad cannot coexist, and light will ALWAYS rule over darkness, and good over bad! You have got the power to change your situation and life…by choosing the more powerful and authentic state of your being…Yes you do!

Be blessed and inspired to take positive action xx

Carpe Diem!

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