Redefining & Establishing Your Self-Worth: Why Know Your True Identity and Purpose?

Redefining & Establishing Your Self-Worth: Why Know Your True Identity and Purpose?


The Law of Identity states that “When you do not know who you are or what you want in life, there is a great tendency that you eventually settle for a mediocre life! Therefore, to live an all fulfilling and exceptional life, it is paramount that you go back to the basics of self-identification.” Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi

The Oxford English Dictionary defines identity as the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is. When you know the truth about yourself: who you are; where you have come from; why you are here on planet earth; what you can do; where you are going to; and why; only then can you truly start experiencing freedom and success. I strongly believe that knowledge is power, and people are exploited and destroyed as a result of a lack of knowledge.” However, I must place emphasis on the fact that knowledge of the truth is what is powerful and brings about great transformation and liberation.

Now you might be asking: but what is this truth you are talking of? What do you mean by the truth about yourself? It is worth mentioning that knowledge is simply information, and it could be either false or true information, depending on the source. However, what is actually required in order to experience true transformation and liberation is not just any type of information (knowledge), but knowledge of the truth—which is wisdom—your ability to discern and pass judgment between what is wrong or right, and what is good or bad.

  Furthermore, by simply having access to knowledge of the truth is not sufficient to bring about real transformation. It is the effective application of the knowledge acquired that makes all the difference, and determines whether or not you will be successful. Consequently, as you read this article, it is my utmost heart’s desire and wish that you extract the appropriate knowledge/information that is valuable to you and apply it to those areas of relevance in your life. Furthermore, as you go through your journey of self-identification, your principal goal should be to seek knowledge of the truth about yourself, and above all, wisdom.

The best way to keep a people enslaved is to deprive them of knowledge of the truth. I believe that in the past it would have been probably very easy for people to be enslaved—because they lacked knowledge of the truth about themselves/ who they were and authentically represented. They lacked knowledge of the great and untapped potential and resources they had. They lacked knowledge about their inherent ability to shape and transform their lives, their families, nations, and continent as a whole.  The same thing is happening in our society today, and taking a slightly different facet, very close to our homes.

Today, many, especially women are disadvantaged, oppressed, enslaved, and constantly being used as objects of abuse, pleasure, etc; simply as a result of the fact that they lack knowledge of who they truly are— they lack knowledge of the immense potentials and abilities entrapped within them to change and shape their lives and history. Too often, they are entrapped and enslaved in their own minds—battling with identity crises and insecurity.

Your identity is simply those traits and qualities that make you different from others, and hence, it is very unique to you. Literally, it is what sets you apart from me and everyone else on planet earth. In the same way, my identity sets me apart from you and everyone out there. For this reasons, we have Identity (ID) cards, such as passports; driver’s licenses, etc through which we are identified; and no two people can have the same ID card. Right from conception, your DNA actually had some very specific codes within it, which will largely determine who you’ll become. Of note, not even a child has the same DNA as the mother; neither do identical twins—even though we call them “identical twins.”

Hence, I hereby urge you to arise, rise up, identify, and redefine who you are and why you exist on planet earth, where you are heading to, and stand out from the crowd! In doing so, you map out your own destiny, and are capable of planning for it in advance and achieving immense success and accomplishment.

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