“The beginning of every transformational journey in life starts with self-awareness.” – Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

The beginning of any transformation in life starts with self-awareness. Self-awareness is the most powerful and greatest tool you need to bring about genuine transformation. The first area of awareness that is needed is awareness of who is going to actually undergo and accomplish this journey and transformation… which in this case it’s you. Self-awareness leads to self-confidence, which is profound trust and belief in yourself. You could never believe in someone you do not trust and you could never fully trust someone you know nothing or very little about. 

As a result, if you don’t know who you are, there is an absolute tendency (it is actually a fact), that you are never ever going to be able to trust yourself and hence, you will not be able to believe in yourself. Self-awareness begins with a deep sense of awareness of who and where you genuinely are at this stage of your life; and who/ where you would love to be, and a need for change.

In the subsequent paragraphs, I will be providing you with a series of examples that would help you in your quest for your true self/ identity. These simple and very practical examples would be able to help you to become aware of how you perceive yourself at the moment, and how you would love to be perceived and identified both by yourself and others moving on.

In your journey of self-awareness, it is first and foremost important that you become aware of the indisputable truth that you are human, and that every single human on the planet is imperfect. There is no perfect human being in the world, and and sometimes what you may perceive as your shortcomings or weaknesses are not necessarily shortcomings /weaknesses, but simply an indication of that which you were not born to accomplish, and hence, unrelated to your purpose. 

For example, just like the eye, whose main function amongst others is to bring sight to the entire body and consequently, its greatest strength. For this reason, the eye is naturally equipped with lenses and all that which is required to enable it to function to its maximum potential and bring light and sight to the body. 

However, if you were not aware of the purpose and function of the eyes, you could easily be made to think and believe that the fact that the eyes cannot breathe or talk, is because they have a defect or weakness. Notwithstanding, the eyes were never designed to breath or talk, and hence, this could never be a weakness of the eyes.  In the same manner, you are naturally equipped from conception (via your unique DNA) with everything you need to fulfil your unique mission and purpose here on the earth. 

Secondly, you must become aware of this fundamental truth and be convicted in your spirit that all humans are born equal and every individual is unique and endowed with great abilities and potentials to impact our world, regardless of their gender, skin colour, religion, status, and/ or the circumstances surrounding them. There is no one superior or inferior to the other— Not even one!

Take, for example, if we examine the different parts of our body, none is greater or inferior to the other, yet, they are completely different with very distinct roles and functions. For instance, your eyes and your nose are two distinct parts of your body with two different roles and purposes. Your eyes are not any superior to your nose because they can see while your nose can not see… nor is your nose inferior to your eyes as a result of its inability to see. 

On the other hand, because your nose can breathe while your eyes cannot, it does not make it any better or superior to your eyes and vice versa… They all work together in harmony for the edification of your entire body. In this case, your eye’s main purpose is that of sight, and you can see me and everything around you because you are using your eyes and maximizing their potential to fulfil their purpose. You cannot close your eyes then use your nose and expect that you are going to be able to see me and everyone/ everything else around you. However, if you were the eyes but did not know that the main function or purpose of the eyes is to see and to bring light to your entire body, and someone comes in and starts insulting you/ trying to put you down and degrade you, based on your inability to breathe like the nose… then you may start thinking you aren’t good enough or are inferior when compared to the nose – based on your inability to perform like it! 

“Unless you know who you truly are as an individual, you get lost in society, trying to identify yourself with some group, community, tribe, gender, race, culture, religion, class… all of which take you further away from your true self and the incredibly unique individual that you are.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Now, let’s imagine that at the instant or the moment when you were insulted and degraded for not being able to breathe you were surrounded by a bunch of “nose friends” who are all able to breathe and do so with great ease too!  However, because you are certain about your identity as an eye and the very purpose for which you are placed on the body –which is for sight, you can confidently ignore every insult thrown at you in an attempt to demoralize you or make you feel inferior and less valuable. You instantly become aware of how ignorant the abusers are and simply educate them that you cannot and was never designed and placed on the body to breathe but to see and bring light to the entire body. You might as well just remind them that you are unique and different from the nose— an eye. 

Consequently, you need to start asking yourself simple but profound life questions like what are your greatest strengths? What are the things you can do so well, and enjoy doing with great ease—without actually struggling? Once you become aware of who you are—your strengths and your purpose, it doesn’t matter what any other person thinks or says about you… You become very confident. 

On the other hand, when we don’t know our strengths, purpose, and who we truly are, and people tell us otherwise, we get very upset, hurt, and let their words affect our emotional and mental state, and overall well being.

Therefore, it is paramount that you become aware of who you truly are; your foundational beliefs, values, and thoughts… and re-evaluate, analyse, and reshape them accordingly. The later are tied to your destiny and the individual you will eventually become… for as a man thinks, so he is.  

Be blessed and inspired.

By Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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