Amongst the several testimonies I have received regarding the impact of the daily aerobics/ keep fit & motivational sessions I have been running Live on Facebook since the 1st of April, I would like to share this detailed one with you!

It’s a true honour and privilege to serve in the smallest of ways to impact others… For this, I am truly grateful and will keep doing what I do best to continue to impact countless lives and be a blessing to many💕

Ruth, thank you so very much for sharing this powerful testimony with me💞

“Hi Sylvia. Here is A Big Thank You direct to you for conducting 30 days free aerobics and motivational inspirations. Word can’t just say enough…

Know that Dr Sylvia You are one of millions people with kind thoughts. You are a role model not only to your own children but others too. My daughter is really inspired by what you do. I show her all this lovely work you do with other people, including your own daughter Latoya.

You are a great influence to many friends🙏🏼🌺🌷💐. Here I sent you a short clip to show you how much I enjoyed all sessions. Within 2 weeks I could see changes in me. I wanted to be fit for a while but I always never had time to exercise. I ended up with a big belly😁🙈 and unfit. I was always blaming the birth experience. Now I realise that is not a case.

I have learned from all the lovely quotes you talk about every end of the session… I am capable of doing something.

Therefore, I will keep on exercising and bring myself back to the way I used to be before kids😁. I feel much happier now. I suffered a lot of pains at my lower back. It seems the exercise has brought a massive change. Even the leg which used to hurt me so much from the joint of my hip to the heel is now less painful. I was told by the doctor that I have sciatica. I have really benefited from every session I joined.

God Bless you. Take care and stay safe too. Enjoy watching this clip I made for you👇🏻xxx”

I have no other words than to say THANK YOU!

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