Staying optimistic and hopeful are some of life’s greatest and priceless gifts you could ever give yourself – especially in times of uncertainty and chaos! Our mind is an incredibly POWERFUL weapon that could either be used against us if not adequately harnessed and controlled or become our best ally and tool for victory if adequately harnessed and controlled.

My question to you is this: How are you utilizing your mind? Is it your best ally and companion or your worst enemy and adversary?

Have you ever heard of “The Placebo Effect?”

In a nutshell here is what it is: you are given candies/ sweets with no therapeutic or medicinal value by a trusted doctor for the treatment of an underlying condition. However, you are made to think and believe that what you are taking is an effective medication that is known to cure the underlying medical condition you presented with… And guess what? So be it! You are healed from taking candies/ sweets, simply because you believed in the doctor/ the therapeutic power of the medication! Your mind was your best companion and ally throughout this healing process.

Here’s a negative placebo effect: You are given drinking water and made to think and believe by a trusted source that you just drank poison which is very toxic and kills everyone who drinks it within hours…And guess what? So be it! You literally start panicking, cringing, and holding your stomach in pain… believing that the poison is already beginning to act… and clinically this could be confirmed in your system! Yet what did you drink? Water! Your mind just became your worst enemy and adversary, converting the harmless water molecules into poisonous substances, which begin to consume your entire being!

Now if you were told that your body, mind, and spirit are far POWERFUL than any coronavirus out there, what will be your immediate response and/ or reaction? I am by no means saying something that is not true. I have literally converted the message, by saying something we often do not hear and may never hear… because, in my eyes, I see you as A VICTOR and will ALWAYS see you that way! In my eyes, I see you as POWERFUL and STRONG! In my mind and eyes, I know that I am INCREDIBLY POWERFUL & VICTORIOUS! In my mind, there is NO ROOM LEFT for fear as it is fully occupied and overcrowded with POSITIVITY/ OPTIMISM! Fear has no place within me… and it can be exactly the same for you – because I am FULLY CONVICTED in my spirit and being that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Hence, I bring you a message of hope today… Fear not! Be OPTIMISTIC & HOPEFULL! The Placebo effect is real, and is used over and over again in clinical trials! What does it benefit you to see your situation or that of the coronavirus as deadly? I am a medical professional and human at the same time… and we are limited in our knowledge and understanding… In times of great adversity and chaos, you cannot be trusting on someone who has not got answers to your plea… You cannot be trusting on someone whose own mind has become their worst enemy and adversary… The answers you are looking for are and have always been within… Look for strength, peace, joy, love, courage, and harmony from within you and watch your life transformed forever! Remember this, “Peace is not the absence of war or the denial of reality… it is our ability to remain peaceful even in the midst of war, storms… and inherent ability to create the peaceful reality we seek.” Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

To more optimistic and hopeful days ahead… conquering every form of fear and negativity! Negativity is grossly poisonous for your mind… Choose positivity today! Choose LIFE over dead today! As a man thinks so he is? What are your thoughts?


To a healthier, powerful and more optimistic you!

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