Let go of your yesterday and live triumphantly and gloriously in the now!

Let go of your yesterday and live triumphantly and gloriously in the now!


Good morning beautiful and blessed one and welcome to another new and glorious day!

Yesterday is gone, today is here, and tomorrow is yet to come…Take maximum advantage of this wonderful and magnificent day, which has come with an amazing present wrapped in it for you and me…and waiting for us to unwrap and maximize it…Hence it is called “The present!” Don’t let it go by without embracing it and appreciating the beautiful gifts it has in store for you…

Don’t be preoccupied by your yesterday, or so concerned about your tomorrow, that you fail to live and maximize your today to the fullest! Do not let your yesterday take up too much of your today…there is not enough room to accommodate your yesterday…hence avoid cluttering your today with yesterday’s events, so you may have greater clarity and enough room for today’s events and activities!

I urge you to arise, look ahead of you, let go of your yesterday, and live triumphantly and gloriously in the now, while projecting for a better tomorrow… Do what you have go to do today, to not put it off for tomorrow – and commit to making it far better and glorious than your yesterday!

Have a blessed and glorious day!

Be Ye Transformed By The Renewal of Your Mind…

Dr Sylvia Likambi International.


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