A Woman’s True Beauty & Splendour Unveiled – She Is A Wonder

A Woman’s True Beauty & Splendour Unveiled – She Is A Wonder


A Woman’s True Beauty and Splendour Unveiled – She Is A Wonder!

There comes a time when the perception of a woman as domestic slave, doormat and sexual object is eradicated and her beauty and splendour acknowledged and appreciated by the world.

There comes a time in life, when her majesty, worth, and legacy thrives beyond cultures and generations to come…

A woman is a true reflection of the love and wisdom of our creator, God Almighty, who enables her with the unique attributes and potentials to recreate and give birth to life.

A Woman represents love, peace, endurance, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, energy and life. A woman is mother of all men and nations; tiny and great, simple and complex, poor and rich, lost and found, humble and arrogant; yet her gentle love and tenderness, kind and forgiving nature enables her love unconditionally and endure with patience the afflictions and bruises brought upon her body and soul by these same men and nations she conceived in her very own womb and gave birth to. Men and nations whom without her very own existence would be void.

A woman is likened to mother earth-she upholds, bears and nourishes every seed sowed into her and brings forth fruits of splendour and grace… She is trampled upon and exploited for selfish desires; yet she is foundation, home and food to all who trample upon her and exploit her.

A woman is the core of families, generations, nations and the world. If only the world could sit back for an instant, gaze and reflect upon her majesty and beauty, it would be evident just how powerless and void it would be without her very existence.

A tiny little foetus, she conceived in her womb, loved, nurtured, nourished and protected from the harsh realities of the world. Her very own body was home, light, food and drink for the tiny little vulnerable creature.

Through sickness, fatigue, distress and complications her whole being went- yet not for an instant did she think of aborting or terminating its precious life.

She held on firm onto the tiny little creature in her womb with hope and life; she went on gradually, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month by month, enduring, loving and hoping…until it was the appointed time of travail and birth of the of the tiny little precious life within her…who today represent generations, nations and our world.

The same world which has turned against her, used and abused her, yet she has never stopped loving, caring and protecting it, not even for a moment- A mother’s unconditional and true love…A mother’s authentic legacy.

Let every being that has breath be still for a moment…allowing the burning flame of love, passion, gentleness, kindness, and wisdom of a woman touch and gently transform our world for good.

In honour of every woman worldwide.

Peace & Respect…

Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi


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