How To Live The Life You Desire And Deserve NOW! Creating A Brand New Life

How To Live The Life You Desire And Deserve NOW! Creating A Brand New Life


As I write this article, I am hoping you are doing great Today, and like myself, excited to witness another new day, full of new opportunities, hope, light, love, and immense/endless possibilities for you and me!

The best thing I love about a new day is this: like all new things, it is Amazingly NEW! I mean BRAND NEW! It has never existed before…It is original…It is authentic…It is simply NEW!!! No stories told… No experiences lived… No traces left… No songs sung… etc. It is absolutely new…expecting you to fill it up with the stories you want to tell…the experiences you want to live…the traces you want to leave behind…the songs you want to sing…and so on… Go on, live it…it’s your new day…

 You must therefore consciously create the stories, experiences, traces, songs, etc, you want to be part of this new day and moment and coexist with it! Yes…It’s up to you to make a choice, imagine, design, and co-create whatever you want to be a part of the new…and live your New day, New Life the way you would want and love it to be like…no permission, no excuses…You must sow into the new that which you expect and would love to reap…

A new day could be envisaged as a new and fertile soil given onto to you to start afresh…sow afresh…It is the same soil provided onto every one—just as a new day, is a new day unto everyone. No one has sowed on this soil yet…and no one has reaped from it yet…So all you really need is YOU and YOUR SEED, in order to take advantage of the endless opportunities and gifts entrapped within the NEW SOIL and NEW DAY—waiting for you to exploit and unleash!

Do not worry about your past failures or unsuccessful harvest of the past… Take full responsibility and advantage of the NOW, it has got nothing to do with the PAST or OLD! In the same manner that light and day cannot coexist…Old and New cannot coexist…and you must not synthesis an OLD—NEW or NEW—OLD life or situation…It is either one or the other!

You make the choice…based on what you would expect and love to reap… you get the specific seed type, and sow that particular seed…You can’t sow tomatoes and expect to reap mangoes…In the same way, you can’t expect to reap oranges and yet choose to sow tomatoes…then blame the soil or the circumstances surrounding the season and the neighbours, for being the reasons you did not reap the oranges you expected and loved!

In Life, the one thing that is constant is CHANGE! You know why? Life is so kind, fair, and gentle to us…It gives us endless opportunities and platforms to sow again, reap again, be born again, be renewed, restored, etc…It gives us endless opportunities to start all over again, and let go of our past…all the time! Yes, I mean all the time! It gives us millions of opportunities not to conform and be trapped in what WAS or IS, nor in our past and the old…but to be constantly transformed by the renewal of our mind at every given instant and moment—such that our thoughts are continually renewed, and hence, our words and our deeds…processes which eventually and automatically result in the divine renewal and transformation of our life and destiny—giving us the ultimate chance to finally live the life we were created and destined to live and enjoy in abundance.  

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