3 Top Indispensable Attributes for Successful Career Transitioning

3 Top Indispensable Attributes for Successful Career Transitioning


A Blueprint for Exceptional Performance, Achievement and Resilience

Thinking about a career transition? Stuck in a career for too long now and want to move out of it? So bored doing the same thing over and over and want to try something new and exciting? Found yourself in a career or job you neither love nor enjoy, as a result of financial and family pressures and hardships, and yet can’t seem to figure out how and when to get out of it? Got yourself your dream job and paycheque, yet seem unsatisfied and unfulfilled month after month? Wondering…What next? How do I get out of this? Where do I go from here? When do I make the move? How do I start enjoying life and living a fulfilled and purposeful life doing what I love and enjoy, and be rewarded for that?  Then please read on… this is for you!

Now listen, before you get all excited and jump into making your next life changing decision about your career, it would be wise for you to know exactly what you are moving into and not just move for the sake of change or boredom! Once this is known, you must take the necessary steps to become well informed about the path and transition process; make sure you get some expert advice, learn from successful role models, and be very confident this is what you want right now and here for yourself in order to live a fulfilled and successful life, or move you closer to that. There should be no room for uncertainty prior to your big move!

I would suggest you think, pray about it, and reconsider your thoughts and options, before taking such routes, and not just follow the mass. You must stand out from the mass…you must start by clarifying what success means to you, and how you will feel when you achieve it? Now, once your answers to the above questions are clear, you must be able to clearly identify and establish the subsequent 3 fundamental attributes that embody the blueprint for exceptional performance, achievement, and resilience—before moving on to your next career or line of business.

These 3 attributes or qualities are very crucial (if not indispensable) for every career transition success and fulfilment. These attributes make up what I call The Blueprint for Exceptional Performance, Achievement and Resilience in life; and are listed below:

1)     Purpose: What is your purpose? This is the very first attribute you must establish. Defining very clearly what you want to do and for whom is crucial. Whatever you have to do, it must be first for yourself, to take you towards fulfilment of your purpose and success. Remember this, once you accomplish your divine purpose in life, you automatically transform and impact lives around you, and are successful. 

You must therefore have a definite purpose for changing career before you take the first steps towards a career transition. In order words, you must be able to clearly identify what you want to doascertain why you want to do it, and when you intend to do it. Then make the necessary plans on how you will execute it.  Finally, visualise how you will feel when all this is successfully done and accomplished?

Success is not about having a lot of money; you can have all the money in the world, and still be unsuccessful and unfulfilled, with a deep sense of void within. Looking at the world today and all the very rich and so called “stars” that are sad, depressed, and take away their own lives, is enough evidence that being successful and fulfilled has nothing to do with money! Seek first to establish and fulfil your purpose, and every other thing will fall into place…including abundant wealth and health.

2)     Passion: Once you have established a definite purpose, the next thing to look at is your passion or passions? What are you passionate about? What excites and motivates you in life? What are the things you so desire to accomplish as you make your journey towards accomplishing your purpose? Remember… you don’t just move into a new career for the sake of change, boredom, or for the financial rewards it provides; these things will constantly change, and influence your decisions, thus making you become restless, unsettled, and always in the move in search for a “better job”, “better pay”, “more profitable business”, etc.

You must go for your passion, the career you very much love, desire, and are passionate about! This is the essential key and active ingredient for success and accomplishment of purpose! Passion provides the energy to initiate your career move. It rekindles your desires and keeps the flame alive as you move towards your desired career to fulfil your purpose, while enabling you to overcome the challenges and hurdles you encounter along the way.  You must consistently focus on your passions, and not on the things you don’t like about this new journey or the challenges you meet along the way—the later will de-motivate you and dampen the flame of your passion, while the former (your passion) is a live catalyst, required to fuel, motivate, activate and keep the flame alive, and yet never getting consumed by the flames!

3)     Motivation: Finally, motivation is what causes us to initiate, guide, and maintain goal oriented behaviours. In order words, if there is no goal/purpose, there is no motivation—it is as simple as that! That goes back to emphasize the need for a clearly defined purpose or goal, as fundamental for a successful career transition and realization. There is a motive behind every action we take in life, whether we are aware of this or not. Ignorance does not and will never substitute truth! Thus, the earlier we become aware of the motives behind why we do things, and establish that, the better; because if we fail to do so, someone or society will establish that for us, then we are doomed to conform to the patterns and principles they have created for us.  

For example, we eat because we are hungry and drink because we are thirsty, and will keep eating and drinking until we become personally satisfied. Therefore, as you make plans to step into and fulfil your dream career in the coming year and beyond; you must clearly establish the motives behind this transition, and every plan and action you intend to take. In this way, you are sure to stay on the path and not go astray, stop, or be misled—Even though you may change strategies, and directions in the course, yet your destination is assured and unchangeable. You become less fearful and more confident about the choices and decisions you make on the way, because you have a clear knowledge and understanding of where you are heading to, coupled with an outlined road map to take you to that destination. You automatically become persistent.

Step Out & Stand Out in Confidence…

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