Blessed and Glorious Sunday from your favourite and All Time Power Couple & Family 🌺😍💕

Here’s our Sundar reflection and message of love and wisdom to you.

Set your priorities right and be committed and devoted to live the life you deserve and was created to live!

No one is lucky in life when it comes to having a successful life, career, business or marriage!!! We could be blessed and given some unique traits and talents/ gifts not granted to others… But blessings are deliberate and intentional according to God’s will and purposes for our lives, in order for us to fulfil our unique purposes of existence… They are not luck… You may be lucky when it comes to winning the lottery but not when it comes to living a fulfilling and successful life. Why? Luck happens by chance (which could be once in a lifetime), it’s out of our control; it’s not teachable or replicable… and It’s unpredictable as well! Success in any area in life including your career, marriage, etc on the other hand, is deliberate, intentional and governed by principles! It is predictable, replicable and could be taught and replicated by applying the same principles wherever you are in the world. The later is also true with failure… which happens when we undermine, neglect, ignore and despise the laws/ principles of success. hence failure is predictable, teachable and replicable too, irrespective of where you are in the world!

If you desire to have the best relationship and marriage with your spouse and appreciate and enjoy each other’s presence and company/ grow together with each new day, you must love and abide to the laws and principles that govern a great relationship/ marriage and apply them daily💖 Principles are not respecters of persons, race, religion, class, feelings, gender, etc. They are the fundamental laws of nature and creation that govern, successful, healthy and fulfilling lives, careers, businesses, marriages, families , etc.

Success demands vision, discipline, self-control, commitment, deliberate action and consistency! There’s no getting tired, giving up or quitting in your pursuit of success!

You must take actions daily to learn more, to improve your relationship, to improve your communication, to improve yourself, to know more about your spouse/partner and understand him/her more. You must commit to love more each day, forgive more, express more kindness and give nothing short of your very best! You can’t become mediocre and ‘stupid’ just because you got married to a mediocre/ ‘stupid’ individual… ( If most of us had paid attention to the principles that govern success before getting married, we would never have gotten married to a mediocre or ‘stupid’ person in the first place… because we would have been able to predict this prior to marriage and support them to work on themselves and align with success principles and laws prior to getting married to them… but I guess most of us fell so blindly in love – neglecting the obvious principles and laws of a successful marriage and only started seeing while married!!). In the same way, light can’t become darkness because it stepped into a dark room or dark environment! Neither can you become the devil because you had an encounter with him!!! Now ask yourself… Who am I? What are my values and principles I would never compromise? What am I bringing into my relationship and marriage? Am I committed to giving the best of myself and succeeding in everything I do? Am I a good, kind, loving, forgiving and honest individual?

Remember, Good always overcome evil and prevails because it is in alignment with Divine laws and principles that govern our lives/ being and success!

All the best in your relationship/ marriage, career and life!

Let me know your thoughts. 💖

We love you 💖

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