The Making And Breaking of Great Leaders And Personalities – The Character Crisis

The Making And Breaking of Great Leaders And Personalities – The Character Crisis


What makes a truly great leader and personality great? On the other hand, what destroys a great leader and an amazing personality? Do we have the media, politics, society, or people to blame and hold responsible for the rise and fall of great leaders and personalities? Absolutely No! Or probably, only in part…and this is because such leaders and personalities conform to societal norms, beliefs, labels, etc

In today’s world and culture of fame, we seem to be losing touch with the true values and meaning of great leadership and personality! Character and integrity seems to have no place in our society today, and yet we wonder why children and communities are breaking down?

It seems to be the norm to become angry very frequently, get drunk, swear, and/or curse every now and again… yet we wonder why our health is constantly deteriorating despite the advancement in medicine and technology… and why mental health problems are becoming increasingly a concern in our society! It is very obvious that character builds a great leader and personality, and at the same time; it destroys a great leader and personality…somewhat a double edge sword, which if handled with wisdom, is a great an invaluable asset for greatness!

Have you ever thought of the impact our habits and character have in nourishing or aborting our greatness and destiny? Have you ever thought of the impact it has in the lives of your loved ones and children? I am very conscious of this fact, and the role our habits and character play in determining whether our light and greatness will eventually shine and have impact or fade away and eventually degenerate— so I do not take this lightly…

Consequently, I make a very conscious decision and continuous effort to work on myself and character with each new day…so that all the greatness that God has deposited within me come into realisation…I would imagine it is the same for you— as we all strive to work on ourselves daily; so we become the very best and most authentic version of ourselves with each new day!

Now, how much self-control do we often exercise in the face of every difficult or challenging life situation we face? Do we often give in to the tempting emotions and desires of our flesh? Or do we stand back and resist them? If so how?

Now let’s explore our options together, and gain insight of some core attributes that are indispensable in supporting us develop ultimate self-control and become the very best of ourselves, irrespective of what life brings or does not bring to us.

In this Live Uncut Facebook video, I explore 5 Indispensable Attributes Required To Build A Solid Foundation That Nurtures Self-Control, which is to be continued.

It’s time to redeem our divine power and have dominion over all things and situations…because we were born for this… You are much more powerful and valuable than you could ever think or imagine! Nonetheless, the habits and character you cultivate today will be responsible for unveiling or concealing and destroying this greatness and power!

Be inspired and blessed, and remember to share your feedback and also share the video with someone you know who may benefit from this, thanks. Here is the link:

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