Stop Enslaving Your Greatness And Dimming Your Light

Stop Enslaving Your Greatness And Dimming Your Light


Words of wisdom and food for thought beloved! Stop enslaving your greatness, playing too small or average, and dimming your light… because of what people may or may not say or do!

After several different sessions with different people from different background, most of whom are women….one constant often comes up when they talk about their life, career, and sometimes the reasons why they aren’t happy or are afraid to take a step of faith, believe in themselves, and succeed in life!

Now guess what this constant is? People… their acquaintances and relationships! I felt the urge to share part of my response on this platform, as it may just save someone or many here going through this same struggle…

I got this to declare to everyone having a similar thought or struggle…

When you find a reason/ purpose to live or work to do, and especially that you love and enjoy doing; do it wholeheartedly and passionately; without seeking anyone’s approval, without making any excuses, justification or apologies! And whatever you do, do it with one objective in mind only: To Stand Out, be extraordinary, and be the very very best! This may sound like 3 objectives, but it is all-encompassing!

You must know that it is part of the journey to meet these 5 categories of people:

1) Critics

2) Haters

3) Admirers

4) Encouragers

5) Divine Helpers

Whichever category you choose to associate with, spend time with, seek counsel from or listen to… will make a significant and life changing difference/ affect your destiny… either positively or negatively! The choice is yours, but you must choose wisely and be accountable for your decisions…

I wish I could keep on writing… but got to go!

Words of wisdom…. Food for thought!

Blessings and Love

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