Dr Sylvia Likambi International

Dr Sylvia Likambi International

Dr Sylvia Likambi International is a Revolutionary Personal Development and Wellbeing Consultancy and Training Company working globally to provide Cutting Edge Transformation and Motivational Programs and services to enhance the productivity, sustainability and wellbeing of individuals, organisations, and institutions; while re-establishing clarity, vision, purpose, and motivation in leaders and staff; especially in challenging and uncertain times.


Our Core Conviction:


All humans are born equal and every individual is unique and endowed with great potentials and abilities to fulfil a unique mission on planet earth and impact our world, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding them.

Our Vision:

To enable every single human on earth unleash his authentic identity and life purpose, so he may be able to live a purposeful, fulfilled, and extraordinary life.



Our Mission:


To impact and transform lives one person at a time, so people no longer conform to societal norms and limitations, but are transformed through the deliberate renewal of their minds.

Our award-winning programs and training are well proven and guaranteed to completely transform your mindset and culture, that of your entire team and organisation; and multiply the your overall motivation, productivity, and health and wellbeing and that of your staff and organisation. With our programs, you are also guaranteed to have greater clarity and control, as well as a high staff attendance and retention rate.


This is a unique opportunity to take part in some of our award-winning revolutionary/ cutting-edge programs; including keynotes, master classes, lectures, and workshops. These highly transformational programs are very innovative and uniquely inspired and created by Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi,  the visionary founder and Global CEO of the company.

You or your staff/colleagues and/ or students will unquestionably benefit from the great contents and very dynamic, passionate, and authentic delivery style and positive aura of Dr Sylvia Likambi; which will see you/ your staff’s wellbeing, motivation, performance, and productivity greatly enhanced, and a notable culture shift.

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