Mental Detox Bootcamp

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Mental Detox Bootcamp

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Revolutionary Mental Detox Bootcamp To Enable You Cleanse, Purify & Transform Your Mind and Thrive In Optimal Mental Health and Wellbeing

Join our Cutting-edge Mental Detox Bootcamp #2 and Take Control of Your Mental Health & Wellbeing!

Gain Ground-breaking Principles, Strategies, Techniques & Resources To Cleanse, Purify & Transform Your Mind and Thrive In Optimal Mental Health and Wellbeing – Backed by science, research and laws of nature!

The Bootcamp will be delivered by Leading Empowerment & Transformation Authority, Doctor of Pharmacy & Medical Researcher with years of experience and expertise, Dr Sylvia Forchap~Likambi at The Transformation Centre Liverpool and also via zoom!

A mental detox will enable you to stop conceiving unhealthy thoughts and thought patterns, and create more mental aptitude for positive and healthy thoughts/thought patterns… enabling you to gain greater clarity, renew and increase your energy and motivation to flourish and succeed in life.

According to Dr. Sherman, it is vital to detox your mind on a regular basis, as not doing so may eventually lead it into a state of stress, putting you in fight-or-flight mode… which takes up a lot of energy and can negatively impact your immune system and mental health. On the contrary, a relaxed and optimistic state of mind unleashes your creativity and inner genius — while also allowing your breathing to deepen and for your body to go into a healing, reparative mode.

Some of us, unfortunately, have adopted negative, toxic, and mediocre thoughts, words and habits as our ‘norm’ and believe it is impossible to cultivate healthier and thriving thoughts and habits! If you are one of those, then, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

This is your chance to start taking full control of your thoughts and feeding your mind with HEALTHY THOUGHTS that will positively affect your life and enable you to flourish in optimal health and wellbeing; and consequently, in your career, business, finances, and relationships! It will be sad to miss this opportunity and choose to live with all the negative thoughts flooding in your mind… making you a victim of your own thoughts, consciously or unconsciously!

You know you have all the reasons to join us at this unique and breath-taking Bootcamp and experience the unending benefits of embarking on a Mental Detox journey, while exploring practical strategies and techniques to take with you and instantly begin to apply in your life to renew your thoughts and birth healthy and thriving thoughts with full control over your mind and life!

This is a free bootcamp but you can purchase our workbook for just £49.99, usually£99.99 to get the most out of the bootcamp. You can also sign up for our intensive 1-2-1 bootcamps and coaching programs .

This is another lifetime opportunity for you or a loved one to join this life-changing and transformational Mental Detox Bootcamp!

Register today on Eventbrite HERE or on our website to take advantage of this free Bootcamp.  Alternatively, you could contact us directly to discuss your needs and register you. 

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