Empowerment & Transformation

Leading Empowerment And Transformation Authority

Empowerment & Transformation

Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi is a leading empowerment and transformation authority, with a burning desire and passion to positively impact and transform lives and communities through her very unique groundbreaking award winning intensive empowerment and transformation programs. She is specialized in the delivery of very high quality Cutting Edge Empowerment programs, available as workshops over a period of 12-24 weeks. Bespoke solutions/empowerment programs could be designed and developed to suit your specific needs and goals, so contact me now for more information on this.

My Award winning life transforming empowerment models include:

  1. Unveiling Your Authentic Identity & Life Purpose
  2. Unleash Your Maximum Potential
  3. Develop Invincible/ Unwavering Confidence & Motivation
  4. Become A Master in Thriving Communication       and Relationships
  5. Inspiring and Transforming The Young Mind
  6. Developing The Next Generation Transformational Leaders
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