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The Ultimate Resilience Blueprint is a 10-week Timeless and Revolutionary Resilience Program ( derived from one of the author’s bestsellers, Seven Powerful Strategies for Overcoming Life Challenges – Tested & Proven Life-Changing Keys)  designed to build mental resilience, unwavering confidence in challenging times and provide clarity/guidance, and assurance of new hope and life. It empowers you to be steadfast and courageous—in the face of life storms/challenges and uncertainty.

“Sylvia is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about both her subject and helping people.  Her enthusiastic approach to life is infectious and you cannot help but feel positive.” This program completely transformed my life. Program Participant

With covid-19 and the current crises affecting a lot of companies/ businesses, academic institutions, senior managers/ CEOs, youths, etc. we are now bringing this cutting-edge program to businesses, senior managers/ staff, organisations, and educational institutions.

We live in such unprecedented times when resilience is a crucial and non-negotiable attribute we must all have and exhibit in our daily lives.

It has almost become the norm to be pessimistic and constantly exposed to periods of violence, uncertainty, and hopelessness; which make us often vulnerable, distressed, and fearful. The result is an ever-increasing rate of stress, depression/ stress-related mental disorders, suicidal attempts, and suicides.

Many are hurting and full of resentment towards themselves and others; while others are tossed forward and backward by society/ the media—without any sense of direction and purpose! They seemed to have lost total control of their lives and being, and let their everyday life events/ society/  the media/ news about covid-19 shape and determine which way their lives go.



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