Why Choose Us?

  • We have the ability to unleash the hidden and untapped potential of individuals and to improve their overall quality of life.
  • We deliberate people from social norms and limitations; renewing their mind, energy & spirits.
  • With Dr Sylvia Likambi’s empowerment and transformational programs, thousands have been able to achieve & accomplish what they never thought or believed they could.
  • Our clients improve their self-esteem and confidence after receiving our mentoring/ coaching services
  • We are meticulous and realistic in everything we do
  • We teach excellent time management to maximize business efficiency & effectiveness
  • We gain edge by our sphere of influence
  • We are focused on leveraging market knowledge to create premium products & services combined with world class customer satisfaction and extended operational presence globally
  • We leverage upon management skills for the ultimate success of this business
  • We are a learning organization, agile and flexible
  • We take quick decisions based on changing market needs
  • Your Health and Wellbeing is our top and no. 1 priority, give us the opportunity to care for YOU!

We pride ourselves in creating a very positive/ dynamic, reassuring, healthy and friendly experience and atmosphere.

With us, you are sure to embark on a holistic and highly personalised/ transformational journey of immense health and wellness that will empower you to:

  • Effectively manage and overcome stress
  • Effectively overcome anxiety, depression, and other related mental problems
  • Overcome anger and abuse
  • Overcome any form of addiction
  • Overcome Eating Disorders
  • Develop a holistic weight loss strategy
  • Effectively manage your weight
  • Stay vibrant, active, and positive
  • Relax, Refresh and enjoy life

We also have excellent training and development opportunities available for those interested in volunteering, or with a desire to grow in the industry, to gain valuable experience within our clinic.

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