The recent research carried out by The London School of Business and Finance which revealed that The UK is home to millions of discontent workers, and about 47% of people do not love their jobs or feel fulfilled by their work, got me thinking profoundly…But why start a job you do not like? Why stay in a job you do not love? Why do a job which gives you no satisfaction and fulfilment? Why not leave? I asked so many Whys…and decided to share an excerpt from my Bestseller, Principles of Resolution.

“For every action in life, there is an underlying intrinsic motivation, whether we are aware of this or not—it is therefore in our best interest to become conscious of this fact.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi.

Everything we do in life has a driving motive behind it, and that’s where the word motivation comes from. Thus, it is fundamental that we understand that there is a motive behind every action we take in life, whether we are aware of this or not. Ignorance does not and will never substitute truth! The earlier we become aware of the motives behind why we do things, and establish that, the better and more successful and fulfilled we become.

On the other hand, if we fail to establish this, someone or society will do this for us…and when this becomes the case, we are doomed to conform to the patterns and principles they create and lay down for us…and hence, work endlessly to satisfy and meet the standards they have outlined and set for us—with minimal success and fulfillment on our part, as the motives driving our actions are not from within us but from an external source.

It will be useful to look at some practical examples to enable us better grasp this principle. Take for instance, the reason why you eat is because you are hungry, and the reason why you drink is because you are thirsty. Consequently, you will keep eating and/ or drinking until you become satisfied and filled up. On the other hand, if you are not hungry or thirsty, there will be no intrinsic drive, and hence no motivation to eat or drink respectively. In the case of the former scenario (where you are now satisfied), irrespective of whether you are served your most favourite meal in the entire universe, you will have no drive to eat—because you are full/ satisfied and not hungry! Any attempt on your  part to eat in this condition will be greed/ gluttony; and will never produce a similar sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, that would generally be derived if consumed when you are hungry and in an empty stomach.

In the same manner your thirst for water or hunger for food drives you to endlessly search for water or food respectively, and without ceasing, until you eventually get hold of water or food to quench your desires; so too must your hunger and thirst for success be, in order for you to be continually driven and motivated to pursue and achieve it at all cost!

Hence, if you must love your work/career and subsequently succeed in life and experience great inner satisfaction and fulfilment, then your desire for that career path/ business and zeal to succeed in it must be very strong and compelling enough to produce the exact same or similar sensation you would experience when you are very hungry and/ or thirsty—an unstoppable drive, which could only be extinguished via the satisfaction derived from drinking and/ or eating! Any other drive for your career/ business choice and success falling short of such compulsion, might not be strong enough to stand the test of time, and hence may lead to a reduced motivation/ drive or lack of motivation to pursue success in that career/ business; and in certain instances, de-motivation—as your motive is not compelling enough to drive and maintain success.

Therefore, as you make plans to step forth and fulfil your desired goals, life/ career choices for the New Year and beyond; you must clearly identify and establish the motives behind every single goal and path that you have identified and established, and every plan and action you intend to take. Furthermore, you must also assess and evaluate whether your motives are well founded and compelling enough to drive, accomplish, and maintain success. In this way, you are sure to stay on track and not go astray, be misled, stop, give up or quit — you are therefore sure to remain motivated and zealous all through the journey—until your ultimate goal is achieved and your hunger and thirst are satisfied and quenched.

Your WHY, is and will forever remain the bedrock of your success and resilience…so settle it in your mind once and for all, before kick starting your incredible  journey towards success and fulfilment.

Of note, once your motives are about creating solutions, creating inner peace, rest, fulfilment, and a sense of satisfaction and worth, the results achieved go beyond benefiting a single individual, and automatically overflow and benefit all those around you. To your wellbeing and greatness!

Your Transformation Friend & Doctor,


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