What Has Love Got To Do With Success & Fulfilment?

Everything! Do You Agree With Me?

Loving what you do and doing what you love is crucial in life, and non-negotiable in times like this! What do you think ?

Love is the greatest key to living a meaningful, fulfilled, and successful experience and life… And I mean all 3 together, think about it and let me know your thoughts. We could never be fulfilled or successful in anything or experience that we do not deem meaningful! This is because, eventually, we will neither value nor love the outcome! Who loves, values, and gets fulfilled in doing meaningless stuff? We will either be indifferent or unhappy… in some cases, we may even express regret and anger…

These photos below represent a part of my dynamic team and I, just after a very hectic day at The Liverpool Business Fair… just before returning to our offices to continue working! Why are we so happy and full of energy, even when our work is not over yet? I could even jump with heels after hours of walking and working in them! I do not recommend anyone to ever do this though 🙂 I could not resist the energy of love when I watched Janani and Carys jumped and had so much fun; especially after being challenged by them! It’s all about our love and passion for life and the amazing and worthwhile work that we do to add value to our lives, the lives of others, and the world! This is the unimaginable and intangible energy and force that radiates from LOVE within!

Are you or anyone you know stuck in a job, business, relationship, or situation that you/ they don’t love, and you/ they complain frequently and are unhappy?

There are 2 things:

  1. You might as well start changing your perception about that job, business, relationship, or situation… by acknowledging yourself, the experience, and the value you bring… and start loving all this! Especially, if you have no intention of leaving! You must be intentional and create your own worthwhile and fulfilling experience and reality
  2. You might as well make the decision to leave and seek or create a new job, business or relationship that you will love and enjoy…

Life was never meant for us to go about doing the things we don’t love, never loving and enjoying the things we do, and merely complaining and staying the same or angry/ sad!

Loving what you do doesn’t mean it’s all rosy and easy! Absolutely no! Oftentimes, it may be the complete opposite. And, I can confidently tell you that there will be loads of challenges and hurdles along the way… and you may sometimes feel like quitting! Yet is your love for it that holds you back, and enable to persist and press on – never giving up! It is your love for it that makes all the difference and transforms everything, including the challenges and hurdles into a worthwhile and rewarding experience that brings you joy and fulfillment at the end.

Now, are you ready to Love life, what you do, and start doing what you love- making this a priority and a must in your life. Now, if you are already doing all of this, could you join me and let’s help others do the same?

When you love life and what you do/ do the things you love, it becomes effortless serving others and making crucial sacrifices to see them learn, grow, thrive, and be happy as well!

This Is To your passion, greatness, and success!

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