Whenever I step into the final days of the year, it is always a time of profound reflection and meditation— on how my life has been throughout the year and during the final days leading to the end of an era in my life and the beginning of a new one. I take an inventory of my life, and evaluate whether it has been successful and purposeful, and if I am still on track and working consistently and deliberately towards fulfilling my purpose. Furthermore, I review and celebrate the challenges encountered during the year and take with me the incredible lessons learnt from both past successes and failures, with the aim of implementing them in the New Year and improving in every area of my life.

I always use this amazing moment as an opportunity to review and restore my plans and vision for my life, family, community, and world—while taking some time out to refresh and revive…so I could be able to bounce back stronger, wiser, and better than ever before—and I am guessing and hoping this is the same or similar for you.

I will like to draw your attention to the fact that prior to any significant life journey; rest/reflection and planning are prerequisites. Therefore, it is crucial that we take some time off our busy schedules to be still and reflect upon our lives…and identify/ establish how far we have come, and the goals we would love to set and accomplish during these final days of 2017 and in the New Year/ future. It is also a time to look at those areas in our lives that we would love to improve and make better in the New Year.

Just as seasons come and go,  a new dawn and new era has come – to bring about the change we envisage… Another unique opportunity to start all over again, and let go of our past (in case we are not happy about it)! It gives us immense possibilities and platforms to sow again, reap again, be born again… and be renewed/restored.

It also gives us millions of opportunities not to conform and be trapped in what WAS and IS, nor in our past and the old…but to be constantly transformed by the renewal of our minds at every given instant and moment—such that our thoughts are continually renewed, and hence, our words and actions… processes which eventually and automatically result in the divine renewal and transformation of our lives and destinies—giving us the ultimate chance to eventually live the life we were created and destined to live and enjoy life in abundance.

A New Year, just as a new day, could be envisaged as a new and fertile soil given onto to you and me to start afresh…sow afresh, and renew our lives!  Do  not  worry about  your  past  failures  or  unsuccessful  harvest  of the  past…  Take full responsibility and advantage of the NOW, it has got nothing to do with the PAST or OLD… In  the  same  manner  that  light  and  darkness  cannot  coexist…Old  and  New  cannot coexist!

Consequently, you must learn to discern and understand the seasons/ times in your life and adapt, exploit/ maximize them accordingly and to your greatest advantage. You must not synthesis an OLD—NEW or NEW—OLD life or situation/ season…It is either one or the other! What is your current season? What is your next season…? Food for thought as you come to the end of a season in your life…

To your wellbeing and greatness!

Your Transformation Friend & Doctor,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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