“If you can’t change them when they are grown up, then change them when they are young… Or even better, when they are unborn!’ Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

As a woman, you are more powerful and influential than you could ever think or imagine… with an inherent advantage over men. OK, let me simplify and break this down before you start cringing?. Now, woman, this question is for you. Are you aware of the fact that from the moment of conception, the precious little foetus (baby) in your womb can hear you? What does this mean? It simply means that you have the potential and power to start impacting this precious little unborn life within you— right from conception. You may not be able to change them when they are grown-up men, but you have the potential and power to shape and mould them when they are unborn and young… so they can develop and grow up into respectful, caring, and loving gentlemen.

As a mother, you must learn to speak powerful words and prophesies into your child’s life, even when he/she is only a tiny little foetus. Speak to your unborn child/ children. Tell them they’re wonderful, tell them they’re powerful, tell them they’re beautiful, tell them they are unique and tell them they are the best children in the entire universe— the best children that have ever existed on planet earth!

Impact them through the power of your words and positive affirmations. Impact your daughters and sons alike, while they are still in your womb and unborn. Why not shower them with love and powerful affirmations that will build and shape their fundamental beliefs about themselves and life? Constantly tell them who they are, and how great and marvellous they are. Such words will eventually form the foundation of their beliefs and the knowledge they have about themselves when they eventually grow up. It will definitely form part of what they will turn out to believe in and reflect to their spouses and the world. Consequently, you can greatly impact grown-up men and women when they are still your young sons and daughters… and even better… when they are yet unborn!

This is to a  great and magnificent woman of Valour!

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