“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi.

For some time now, I have watched far too many people consumed with the deadly spirit of unforgiveness and condemnation for fellow humans who erred and needed forgiveness/ mercy! I have watched far too many also condemn acts of forgiveness towards the one who wronged; and literally throw stones to today’s compassionate and forgiving individuals and leaders who choose to forgive and have compassion for others ( I have been at the receiving end of the latter)… and my heart bleeds for my people, community, and world! I know fully well that the one who cannot and will not forgive and is bitter… is hurting and in so much pain, and needs help.

Hence the emphasis of today’s message (which has been written over 2 months ago) is: BRINGING BACK SOULS/ HUMANITY into our lives and communities… And I hope it inspires more love and compassion in you.

Would you reckon it’s time to bring back LOVE into our lives and communities? Would you agree with me that our world is in desperate need of genuine/ authentic leaders that lead with and from the soul? Don’t you think it is time for us to wholeheartedly welcome the very rare and most precious/ priceless gift of life which is love and compassion – both towards ourselves and others! In today’s article, I would like to challenge us all and especially leaders (including myself, of course) to look within and do a self-examination/ assessment. Are we truly leading with and from our souls and heart or completely detached from them?

“Bring back souls to businesses/ corporations/ politics/ society and the beauty of humanity and goodwill will flourish once again.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

No wonder many corporations are completely void of virtues such as kindness, love, forgiveness, peace, self-control, perseverance, joy, which are increasingly fading away from our world…This is expected in an environment, institution and/ or society where our leaders, CEOs, and parents are devoid of such virtues and qualities, and in turn, lead their followers/ children away from these qualities and the true essence of humanity—and into evolution/ modernization and depression! Yet we wonder why depression and mental related illnesses are at the high and reaching alarming rates with civilization.

What do we expect to happen when we build a society devoid of love and the fundamental elements/ pillars of love (such forgiveness) and continually preach about /against hate/ hate crimes/ racism/ homophobia, etc… you name it… when it is just easier and life-changing/ therapeutic to talk about love and live with genuine love for one another? 

You see, Love and hate do not and cannot coexist— just like light and darkness do not and cannot coexist… Hence it is practically impossible for someone without a soul, and hence void of love to talk about love—as they are void of love and full of hatred ( which creates a force and spirit of unrest and war within them). Consequently, they are enraged, angry, bitter, and they step out to fight and preach about hate and hate crimes… because this same spirit is hunting them, and they dislike like it! Hence, they dislike anything and everything associated with hate/ hate crime—the same spirit which has consumed them and taken over their soul, in such a manner that they are incapable of showing compassion, mercy, and forgiveness towards others ( but I guess, also towards themselves— since we could not give others what we are not in possession of). When all that is needed is for us to invite love, welcome, and embrace love to dwell in us so we may develop love not only for ourselves (despite our endless limitations and imperfections), but also for other fellow human beings – as we are all imperfect in nature.  Just have a glimpse around you, in your workplace, community, or in some cases, even within your household and see how hardened our fellow humans have become… full of the spirit of hate, condemnation, judgement, and intolerance ( yet we superficially and hypocritically speak of tolerance)!

We ignorantly fail to understand that the ONLY and UNIQUE cure or ANTIDOTTE for HATE is LOVE! How many times have we heard countless leaders, politicians, civilians, talk endlessly and angrily about/ against HATE, and all associated hate crimes, yet NEVER mention the word LOVE ONCE? I MEAN, NOT EVEN ONCE! Just get the newspapers or turn on the TV, and you will get an understanding of what I am talking about. Many use words like, “WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR HATE, HATE HAS NO PLACE IN OUR CITY/ NATION, WE CONDEMN ALL ACTS OF HATE/ HATRED, WE SAY NO TO HATE CRIME…” And what marvels me is this: I see and hear the audience affirm and/ or cheer!!!! Yet failing to understand that each time we use the word hate, we increase the amount of hate/ hatred in the world and its associated frequencies/ vibrations. Why? Words are Live or dead, and the word HATE is one of the deadliest words that exist. How much I dislike the word and also dislike using it! Yet I am obliged to use it to fulfill the purpose of this article! Each time the word is used, more hate is unleashed into the surrounding environment with the negative energy/ frequency it possesses…and eventually, more hate is attracted …and there are more ripples of the word HATE spreading in our society/ world!

Do you get it? It’s literally like walking into a dark room or dark community that has no light and all we preach about is against the darkness… saying things like, “we must do away with every form of darkness, we have zero tolerance for darkness, darkness is not accepted here and has no place here”, etc! We may even go further to find out who is responsible for the darkness and hence to blame ( which is very common in today’s “Blame Culture” Society)… who will eventually be condemned and maybe even punished and put in jail for bringing darkness— to prove to the occupants of that room or the inhabitants of that community/ city that we are genuinely against every form of darkness, and who instills darkness… and as a result, have zero tolerance for them/ they are not welcome in our community!!! Nevertheless, the darkness hasn’t gone away and it is still there! We haven’t changed a thing! If at all, we have caused more rage in the room and stirred up more anger and intolerance towards others and any form of darkness— yet the people and community continue to live in darkness but have now become angrier than before, as they now have someone to blame for their current condition and throw the responsibility at! An unrest and an upset/ angry and bitter community we have created once again!

This is the dilemma we now face in today’s society where we expect some leader/ politician/ and/ or pastor to rescue us from our own forces of darkness when they aren’t even capable of rescuing themselves from the same forces overtaking them! How long are we going to remain bitter, angry, or in darkness and pain as we continue to play the blame, zero tolerance, and elimination game?

Forget not, the ONLY TRUE solution to all this is to bring the light where there is darkness; love where there is hatred; hope where there is hopelessness; peace where there is strife; order where there is chaos; joy where there is sadness; forgiveness where there is unforgiveness; etc…But how can one bring the light to a dark room/ community when they have no light in/ with them and are full of darkness? How can one bring love to a community/ society full of hate when they have no love in/ within them and are full of hate and bitterness? How could one bring forgiveness to a community/ society full of unforgiveness/ resentment when they themselves are full of unforgiveness/ resentment? How is it possible for one to bring peace to a chaotic and disturbed community when within them there is no peace but war?

It takes light and only light to do away with darkness! It takes LOVE and ONLY LOVE to do away with hate, for Hate is the absence of Love, and where there is LOVE, there is absolutely no room for HATE, as it is a lesser power and force, while LOVE is a far GREATER POWER and FORCE that has complete dominion over hate! In the same way, darkness is a lesser power, which is only made manifest in the absence of light. LIGHT, on the other hand, IS A HIGHER POWER and has dominion over darkness!

 “Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” August Wilson

Consequently, as Marcus Tullius Cicero puts it, “Let us not listen to those who think we ought to be angry with our enemies, and who believe this to be great and manly. Nothing is so praiseworthy, nothing so clearly shows a great and noble soul, as clemency and readiness to forgive.”


Finally, to summarise this piece I will end with this incredible quote from the legendary leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Now, let’s go out there and be the love and the light that our world needs both in words and deeds. However, it all starts with us bringing love and forgiveness in those areas of our lives where we are experiencing hurt, hate, and bitterness… and bringing the light in those dark areas of our lives.

Let Love Lead!

To The Humanity & Compassion In Us!


Let Love Lead!

To The Humanity
& Compassion In Us!

With Love,

Transformation Friend & Doc,

Sylvia xxx

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