“Once you know where you have come from (in other words, your source) you have a better understanding of what you are destined to become.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

My million-dollar question to you is this: “Where have you come from?”

We have all come from somewhere and that origin is linked to our source and most authentic being. This is so because in our source lies our identification and hence our uniqueness and diversity. We did not just come into existence following the waving of some magical wand or magical explosion. Besides, when you have a sense of belonging, rooted in your source, it gives you a sense of assurance and security.

Hence, my million-dollar question to you is this: “Where have you come from?” I am very aware of the fact that someone currently reading this is probably an orphan whose parents have passed on and therefore he/she may not have a close family relative or carer to look up to. But the truth and reality is we are all unique products of conception from the fertilization of our biological mother’s egg by the sperms of our biological father (irrespective of whether they are currently with us/known to us or not). Furthermore, I believe in an even greater source and higher power than the mortal and physical bodies of our biological parents—the Divine and Almighty God, our Creator. Hence, we all have a greater source … including orphans.

Before I proceed any further, let me make this very clear… I’m not a religious minister, but whether you believe or not in the former statement it’s not my role to convince you through this manuscript, but rather my intent is to give you the unique opportunity to explore this further and deep within your soul and spirit… To seek, unravel, and know the truth and live it fully and authentically so that you do not perish because of the lack of knowledge or as a result of ignorance and/or the rejection of knowledge of the truth.

The truth is there is a greater source beyond the physical and knowing and acknowledging this truth is in your favour and for your own benefit. It will only do you well and not evil if you understand where you come from. For example, understanding that you come from someone far greater than any living being on Earth, who is a Creator, will enable you to walk in authority and power, knowing full well that you are connected to the source and the supply of all things … and have direct access to abundance too. You become aware of the fact that HIS DNA runs in you (just like your earthly parents’ DNA) and hence His Spirit is in you and dwells in you. Consequently, believing in this simple yet profound truth is all for your benefit. It’s like getting to know that you are a son or the daughter of the queen of England. What difference will this finding make in your life? Ponder…

Once you know where you have come from (in other words, your source) you have a better understanding of what you are destined to become. In essence, your source or origin plays a huge and critical role in defining your identity and life purpose. Take, for example, an orange seed; though similar to a lemon seed, once it is told that it originates from an orange fruit it immediately knows its identity and has a sense of unshakable confidence in itself and all that it is destined to become once sown and nurtured. It becomes confident in its ability to grow and produce oranges and only oranges based on its source—knowing full well that it was extracted from an orange fruit and not from a lemon fruit! You might have heard this before: “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Mat 7:16

Consequently, the final orange fruit is established within an orange seed long before it becomes a fruit. To put it this way, whatever seed originates from an orange fruit has the potential to produce oranges. Hence, every orange seed is excited and confident in fulfilling its purpose of growing into an orange tree and eventually producing oranges … irrespective of the delay in sowing it.

Let’s take another example. If you look at an orange fruit, a lemon fruit, and a grapefruit, they are quite different from each other; however, the seeds of these three fruits – orange, lemon, and grapefruit – all look so alike… When placed together, you cannot quite distinguish which  of these three seeds will grow up to become an orange tree/bear oranges or which of them will grow up to become a grapefruit tree/bear grapefruits or a lemon tree/bear lemons, can you? Absolutely no! You may not be able to identify or recognise the fundamental differences in these three seeds, yet they are significantly different with distinctive intrinsic qualities, traits and characteristics unique to each one of them. For instance, all that is needed by that grapefruit seed to produce grapefruits and nothing else is encoded within its seeds. However, people might see these three seeds and immediately think that they are all the same and originate from the same fruit due to their similarities. Notwithstanding, they are fundamentally and intrinsically different and from three distinct origins!

Likewise, no one can know you by just looking at your background, your external features, skin tone, and/or current circumstances. No one can claim to know you or predict your destiny based on who and what you have become as a result of your current situation or circumstances in life because the greatness within you, which is called your potential, is entrapped within you, in your unique DNA (and yet to be decoded and unravelled), and no one can translate or interpret that just yet—except your Creator (because He actually designed  you from creation and entrusted you with that unique DNA that will eventually unfold to reveal everything about you and your destiny, hence you were a finished product even before you were born).

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