This post was inspired by what one of my mentees recently said about me…

When one of your mentees and students say the following about you, you put a beautiful smile on your face and take it as a great compliment… and share the message with world.

Four days ago while speaking to one of my wonderful mentees and students, she said this to me, “I just told a member of your team that Sylvia is the type of person that you could put into a bin bag and she would still look incredibly beautiful in it.” I smiled and I couldn’t stop laughing as I listened to her. What a compliment… Truly beautiful!

You see, it’s not how we look externally, not what we wear, not the worth of our clothes, shoes, cars, homes, material possessions or academic titles/ qualifications that determines our true beauty and worth! Beauty is from within us and it is defined by who we authentically are, which eventually determines our worth that is made manifest and seen wherever we are or go!

When you know who you are, you then become aware of your worth… And when you know your worth/ value, then you become super confident and grounded. You don’t need anything or anyone out of you to bring out your worth or to make you more worthy… You don’t have to subscribe to certain tribes, brands and/or images in order to become or feel more worthy and beautiful! You are actually the one that is at the heart of everything you wear, everything you do, wherever you are… Whatever you wear, wherever you go… you are the image… you are the brand… not something you own or wear.

When you know just how worthy you are, whatever you touch becomes worthy… whatever touches you also becomes worthy. It is never the other way around – that is to say, what you wear, what you bring into your life, etc makes you worthy! You must know who you are, you must know your worth and acknowledge the fact that your real value is in you /within and not without/ out there. You must come to the understanding that you are a precious and powerful asset that changes every environment or place where you are present, placed or found.

Take for example, if you threw a diamond to pigs/ in the midst of pigs or in a pig stall would you expect the worth/value of the diamond to diminish? No! You would never expect the worth of the diamond to diminish. On the contrary that Diamond will change the worth of that environment… It will change the worth of the pigs or pig stall. It might just become the next greatest touristic site where everyone would be going to in order to find precious diamonds in the midst of pigs or amongst pigs. For this reason I feel privileged to be told that even if I’m put into a bin bag I will still be beautiful and it will make the bin bag become so beautiful and worthy to be kept 😍💖 In fact, it would become the most worthy asset in any home or business… That’s just how you should always feel about yourself… knowing that you are worthy, you are significant, you are valuable and wherever you go, wherever you are, you bring nothing less than massive/ unwavering value! Whosever’s life you touch, you add massive value…who ever steps into your life receives value in their lives and is transformed because of you! Hence, you should never judge your worth based on what you wear, where you live, where you work, the certificates you have, the cars you drive, the job you have, etc. You are the one who owns these possessions and adds value to these things/ possessions and make them truly beautiful and worth having.

I know of some people who feel that they have to wear a certain brand or trade mark to look classic, expensive and worthy. I say such people do not really understand their worth and hence, attach it to material possessions/ brands. If you are one of those/ know one of these categories of beautiful people, I want to encourage you today as you read through this inspirational words to become aware of the fact that true beauty and worth lies within you and comes from within you … When your beauty is made evident to the world it rises from within you… you are radiant and you literally become light wherever you go! You become light to the world and you shine in every dark situation and circumstance… You transform every dark situation and circumstance just like whatever you put on you, becomes transformed because of you and never because of the object!

Be proud of who you are and above all, become aware of your identity, your uniqueness, your worth… for identity births confidence! Only when you become aware of who are you are, then, can you have a greater self esteem! Self-esteem is directly correlated to self-worth. It is determined by how much you value yourself, how worthy you believe you are… which then leads to self-confidence/ trust in yourself – enabling and equipping you to confidently step out there and present yourself to the world to trust you, because you are confident of the worth that is in you /that you bring; and that you would not let others down. You are confident that you will achieve and accomplish all that which you say you would. And even if you happen to fail, you simply pick yourself up and dust yourself up reminding yourself and those around you that there is really no failure in life, until we give up, accept defeat, and quit! What people call failure is merely feedback of what not to do next and guidance/ life lessons on what to do next!

You have a glorious evening and I hope you become aware of who you are and how worthy you are!

Identity crisis is one of the greatest killers of our time that is getting so many into depression, mediocrity, isolation and co-dependency, because of the need to be acknowledged, to be approved, to belong, and to always justify and/ or get other people’s approval!

To your worth and magnificence!

Your Wonderful Transformation Friend and Doc,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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