The Power of Living In Your Truth & Authenticity

Thanking my gracious Lord for each new day and for the endless possibilities and privilege to wake up and step out each single day, being my most authentic and unique self…knowing that at least one life will be touched and transformed because I live and have life…but most importantly, because He lives in me, and called, qualified and favoured me to do His Will!

Beloved, there is absolutely no honest and fulfilled way of living life than being true to yourself…and just being who you are! There is power and authority when you live and walk in truth and in your most authentic self and purpose! This power and authority stem forth from the Divine that dwelleth in you…and no external force or situation is capable of conquering it.

Beloved do not let 2017 go by without knowing who you are, where you have come from, why you are here, what you can do, where you are going to and why? This is paramount if you must live beyond the ordinary day to day life and thrive in excellence!

You are here for a purpose and was born to leave your footprints on planet earth!

Join me if you are in Liverpool tomorrow for a new series of groundbreaking fully funded new courses at Voice of Nations CIC in partnership with the WEA! This is your opportunity to change your life once and for all and get separated from the mass…it’s your time to say good bye to mediocrity and negativity…it’s your time to stop being a people’s pleaser and start leaving life to the fullest and adding value to your world. Your time to say good be to old habits and relationships that do not build you or add value to your life anymore…your time to stop prioritizing associates and people who consider you replaceable, disposable, or as a mere option! You are more worthy and valuable than you could ever think or imagine!

Always remember this…your worth and value have got absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, skin colour, race, status, class, education, background, gender, what people think or do not think about you, etc It’s all down to WHO YOU ARE & WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE!

Now…Who are you and who do you think you are? You do not need to tell me the answer or anyone else…all that matters is that you know the answer.., the truth and walk and live in that truth and authenticity! When this becomes the case, anything or anyone unauthentic and impure becomes naturally separated from you. Your old bad habits, limiting self-beliefs and associates can no longer identify with you or fit…as there is literally no longer room for such in your life…

Join me on an amazing and unforgettable journey to unleash and embrace your new and most authentic self and open up to the incredible new and amazing opportunities awaiting you!

You are a victor, born to soar like an eagle and lead!

To your success and greatness!

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