Our choices and decisions have immensely contributed in shaping our lives and bringing us this far! How true is the above statement? Well, before I progress any further, I better make myself very clear. Even when we do not make a decision out of fear, insecurity, or, because of the “oppression” we may be facing, we have still made a choice not to take any decision in these circumstances. For example, I have heard of countless people say things like, “Oh, I don’t have a choice, I just have to do it.” Or “I didn’t have a choice, I was forced to do it, you can’t understand.” Honestly, to an extent, I get it! However, I won’t do any justice to these philosophies if I merely brush over them in this piece. They are worthy of in-depth analysis and a comprehensive write up that focuses on them— which I will leave for another time.

Today, I will focus on the theme and throw more light on how we can significantly change the course of our relationships, careers, financial, spiritual, mental, and physical health and wellbeing, and ultimately, our lives and destinies simply by changing the everyday decisions/ indecisions and choices we make.

Broadly speaking, this is literally what happens in our conscious mind when we make decisions and choices for the very first time: whatever we focus on is highlighted and brought to the attention of our conscious mind, which now becomes aware of and receives whatever information ( sound or unsound, true or false, corrupted or uncorrupted) we give it through our thoughts as an instruction. Eventually, our mind goes to work—analyzing and evaluating this information, and seeking for every indication/ clue that justifies or compliments it. In other words, it searches and brings together every other information that is similar to that particular instruction…It collects and attracts everything that looks similar to the desired ideal and that will support and enable it to accomplish the given instruction/ desired outcome. It then amplifies these signals/ information—providing compelling evidence for action, and eventually executes. In effect, like attracts like, and repels unlike.

Once the action has been taken and our mission is accomplished, our mind then records the incidence/ episode as “memory”, and stores it in our subconscious mind—as there is neither room nor need for it to remain in the conscious part of our mind after execution. As a result, the next time we are faced with a similar adversity/life challenge, without the need to go through the entire synthetic process again, our subconscious mind then releases the stored information for our immediate and effective use, without any or much effort on our part. It works on our behalf, to preserve and keep us safe; and away from any pre-conceived threat or danger, without questioning, analyzing, judging, or justifying.  This is the reason why, after we have done certain things in a certain way, again and again, we then do them automatically when affronted by a similar situation, and sometimes without even being aware or thinking!

We have heard people say, again and again, “I just do it subconsciously.” Or more commonly, “unconsciously”. Therefore, it will profit us at all times—especially in the midst of adversity or a difficult life challenge, to deliberately and consciously become aware of the choices and decisions we are making or choosing to abstain from. Because only by becoming aware/conscious could we be able to effectively take control of and manage the situation and our life— without letting it take control of us and manage our life.

In essence, the choices and decisions we deliberately or casually make in our daily lives and at any given time NEVER END with them. On the contrary, they INVISIBLY “hunt” us “forever” even after they’ve long been made. Eventually, they determine and define the underlying foundational pillars and principles on which our future choices and decisions will be based on and supported. These, in turn, will eventually form those core subconscious beliefs, values, and principles, on which basis we address and navigate through similar and future life challenges/ situations, without any prior thought, analysis, judgment, or logic—which in the long run, will form and represent our intrinsic decision-solving reservoir or bank.

At this stage, whether these are the right or wrong beliefs or are causing us to make the right/ wrong choices and decisions in life becomes irrelevant to our naïve subconscious mind. In addition, whether we are aware of this or not, is also irrelevant and somewhat late. All that which is important and relevant is that this bank of “memories” and  “beliefs” belongs to us, and all the resources therein (either directly deposited by us, or indirectly by another, through our consent), are also ours. Consequently, our bank is required to release to us our deposits and resources in times of need and/ or in an emergency situation.

Therefore, the only time and way we could intervene and contribute in ensuring that whatever decision and choice we make at every given stage of our life is productive and beneficial is during our first or initial encounter with the given situation in consideration, and, by consciously intervening through our choices and decisions. Hence, we simply cannot afford to be casual in our choices or to pay the price of indecision, as this is very costly and has the inevitable potential to hunt us invisibly throughout our lives.

Know what you genuinely desire and stand for today, so you don’t struggle to make vital decisions and choices in the future—giving away your only real power and authority – YOUR WILL.

To your greatness and success!

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