Are we effectively utilizing and making the most of the limited time assigned to us, or are we letting the precious gift of time pass us by? Can we really manage time? Can we manage that which is infinite, and beyond our knowledge and control? Absolutely NO!

Remember, we have no control over when we are born and only become aware of this after our birth. Of greater significance, we have no knowledge or control of when we are going to exit this planet. Several men and women, including doctors, have failed several times they attempted to predict the birth and death of someone or the end of the world.

I have worked with a lot of people who really struggle to effectively utilize their time on a daily basis and often limit time management to their ability to accomplish daily tasks or projects at hand, earn more money, and their ability to always be on time. I have always challenged such individuals to broaden their views and understanding of these two basic and fundamental truth:

1) We were never born solely to accomplish tasks or meet work targets and deadlines for a reward called wage/ salary, bonus, etc. On the contrary, we were born to live life fully, discover our purpose, and live it to the fullest for an eternal reward called fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, inner peace, and REST – which I will sum up as WEALTH. 

2) The effective use of one’s time has nothing or if at all, very little to do with timekeeping. You could always be on time everywhere, and yet, never adding any significant value or contributing to anything in those places. For example, we know of countless individuals who add no significant value or positively impact those around them such as their spouses, friends, family, colleagues in their workplaces, places of worship, and schools/ institutions despite always being present and of course on time… Those who never contribute a single point or add value in any meeting, seminars, or conferences they attend religiously and on time.

Consequently, it is how effectively we use our time that really matters and makes all the difference. Someone may arrive in a meeting just a few minutes before the end of that meeting, yet brings in the most valuable knowledge and wealth with the potential to change the course of the meeting and drive success. In the same manner, a footballer can play for the entire 90 minutes of the match, and the match score still stays at 0 – 0, yet, another player gets in at the 90th minute and scores a goal before the end of the match that gives his team the ultimate victory! Such a player is a game changer, an asset, and a critical/ valuable player for his team! I am not by any means saying that the other player is a liability, notwithstanding, the latter player changes the entire game and outcome!

Hence, you might even be around unproductive, boring, pessimistic, and negative people; however, it is what you put your time to use while with them/ how well you utilize your time while you are there, that makes all the difference and determines how fulfilling and successful that experience will be. Please, permit me to ask you the following questions:If today was your last day on earth, what will you say about your life?If the world was to come to an end today, what will be the summary of your life?Would you be able to say that you lived fully, withholding back nothing you were meant to share with the world and definitely fulfilled your purpose of coming here?Would you be able to proudly and confidently say that you lived a meaningful and valuable life—though short?Would you smile as you exit the world without any bitterness, anger, hurt or regrets?What legacy would you leave behind?Finally, where do you think you will be heading to – what will be your final destination? These are “food for thought” for us all, including myself.

In all this, I must plead with you that, we must not mistake pleasure for fulfillment… Pleasure is very short-lived while fulfillment is long-lasting/ eternal. Are you in pursuit of the things that bring you fulfillment or pleasure? Are you in pursuit of the things that bring you wealth and wisdom or the things that bring you riches and fame? One can never talk of being successful if he/ she is not fulfilled and experience a profound sense of satisfaction and rest…

A sense of void, emptiness, and restlessness is the exact opposite feeling we experience when all we have done is to achieve targets, career goals, increase our financial rewards/ material possessions, etc. This could explain why a very rich/ famous person that society deems as successful may end up taking away his/ her own life… That sense of emptiness, worthlessness, and a lack of fulfillment and inner peace – and without the latter, success is far fetched and practically impossible. Please, If you know anyone who may need any assistance getting back on track, finding their vision, purpose, or gaining clarity and the unwavering confidence that is required to live a purposeful and fulfilled life, then, please, do not hesitate to contact me/ or put them in touch with me.

Wishing a truly glorious and fruitful day xx

Your Transformation Friend & Doc


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