“My people perish, my people are destroyed as a result of a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

If you think knowledge is costly, then try ignorance. It is very costly and devastating. It rips us off our true power and deprive our children and the next generation from reaping the benefits thereof. It is very obvious that, when you do not know who you are, you will certainly never know what you really need or want in life… and you will (without any doubt), eventually settle for mediocrity, accepting and validating this lifestyle as the norm. Furthermore, you would inevitably abuse/ misuse yourself; by not maximizing and fully exploiting the endless and great potentials that lie within you— untapped and unknown. Regrettably, you would also let others abuse/ misuse and exploit you—consciously or unconsciously… Now what do I mean by this?

Abuse simply comes from the fusion or two words; abnormal and use. Hence, the abnormal use of an object or an individual, and/or resource, results in abuse of that object, individual, and/or resource respectively. When you abuse an individual or an object, it implies that you use that individual or object contrary to its original purpose or intent of creation/ manufacture. Consequently, not having a good grasp and knowledge of your true identity, worth, and hence the purpose of existence, makes abuse/ self-abuse or misuse/ exploitation become inevitable

In order to bring to light the huge negative implications that are associated with a lack of knowledge (ignorance) of your identity and what you want to achieve in life, we will now examine a practical example that highlights the grave implications of ignorance.

I would like you to imagine a situation where a 3 month old baby is given a mobile phone, and she doesn’t know the purpose or function of the phone. What do you think she will do with the phone once she gets a grab of it? I am sure the very first thing she will do is put it straight into her mouth, then the next, she tries to eat/ bite it, she hits it on the floor and takes pleasure in hearing the sound the phone makes on hitting the floor… then she picks it up again and tries to eat it or do these steps all over again until she becomes tired, bored, or attracted by something else.

In this scenario, does that mean this gorgeous little baby is mean or unkind? Absolutely not, she is the most gorgeous beautiful angel that exists on planet earth, and she is simply ignorant of the purpose of the mobile phone… and hence, will inevitably abuse and/ or misuse it.

On the other hand, If I do not also know the purpose of the phone, I will let her play with it (and may even join her in the game, thinking it’s fun) and end up destroying it. However, since I know the purpose, I will stop her from playing with it… I will not even allow her to use the phone and play with it in the first instance. It is exactly the same when we do not know the purpose of our life, we let other people abuse us and worse still we abuse ourselves; and unfortunately, we will never be able to maximize our full potential. We will never be able to tap into the greatness that is within us and use that to fulfil our purpose on earth and impact lives.

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