We live in a society today where there is so much pressure on us to succeed and win in almost all we do—and this often leads to unhealthy competition…We now have a society where competition and the constant desire to be the very best and remain the best (which is not necessarily measured by our true/ greatest ability/ worth and potential, but by how well we “out beat” our “competitors” in an ever competitive and innovative environment) at all cost, has become the norm…even when unfortunately, this may cost us our health, relationships, families, and integrity.

Consequently, what is fast becoming the “norm” and common reality/ experience from our homes to our workplaces, to the community/society, is: siblings competing with siblings; mums competing with dads and vice versa; friends competing with friends; colleagues competing with colleagues; women competing with men/ women and vice versa; employers competing with employees and vice versa; leaders competing with followers and vice versa; businesses competing with one another…and so forth. Now, my question is what is the prize/ award to be won? All of such only feeds our ego, enable us accumulate more material possessions/ riches (expressed as an increase in titles, awards, capital/revenue and/ or turnover…), and result in gross selfishness and lack of regard for one another/ humanity.

In the long run, we produce a very materialistic and superficial/ ungrateful people, society/ world— deprived of the most valuable and priceless gift of life—which is love towards the self and others. Hitherto, we wonder why there is so much evil and unrest in our homes/society/world today… We wonder why our youths are going astray…with a record breaking suicidal rate. We are constantly building/ purchasing mass weapons/ materials of defence, and spending endless hours and resources in our courts/ judicial systems to identify “who is at fault” and/or “who is to blame”… and hence deserves judgement/condemnation/ seclusion.

How many peace campaigns, negotiations, treaties, etc, are being executed at national and global levels, yet looking further away from the most authentic nature/source of peace that lies within each and every one of us? How could we ever expect to experience peace outwardly—within the community and at a national/global level, when there is an alarming rate of unrest/ chaos/ war, etc, within us as individuals, within our families/the little confinements of our homes/ workplaces? We now live in a society and world where the rate of “ordinary” men and women/ children suffering from anger issues, chronic stress, anxiety, and diverse mental health issues is beyond alarming! Just how could we expect someone who is at constant war/ never at peace with himself/ herself to be at peace with another? Anything of the sort is hypocrisy/ pretence/superficial…a crises which we now face.

How many hate crimes are constantly been targeted and fought, yet forgetting to address and maximise the true source and power/ antidote of hate; which is the fountain of love within each and every one of us? LOVE is our only weapon to overcome and conquer every form of hatred and evil worldwide…and it all starts with SELF-LOVE… Just how can we expect someone with no love for “the self” to express/ show love towards “the other”? Likewise, how can we expect someone with so much hatred towards “the self” (to such extent where they are willing to “self-harm” and take away their own life) to express otherwise towards “the other”/ their neighbour? We simply cannot give what we do not have! I see us unconsciously building a generation of youths/society, void of the very essence of our being/humanity—which is love…

When we give a child everything on earth and deprive that child of love, he/she will grow up never appreciating/ valuing themselves and others/ life…Nonetheless, give a child love, and watch how nothing else seems to matter to that child—In plenty or in little/ “nothing”, such child remains grateful for the priceless gift of love and life (which riches cannot and will never be able to purchase); and is confident/ secured in his/her identity, worth/ value and appreciates his/ her parents/ others and life as a whole!
Where there is love, there is no need for the law…for love conquers all evil in our lives, homes, workplaces, communities, and society…Perfect love cast out all fear and prejudices… Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Is there any law against such? Isn’t it interesting, how we seem to be building a society and world which is against words of righteousness that empower us to be good, kind, and loyal citizens (especially if they come from the bible or koran), yet we are quick to quote/ welcome quotes from men/ books written by such, irrespective of their lifestyles?

Genuine “Love” and “Hugs” have become “unprofessional” in our workplaces…forgiveness/ mercy seems to be “unheard” of in such environments where criticism, blame culture, judgement/ discipline are now the “norms”.  We now “safeguard” ourselves against our only real tool and hope for a just, great/ less-stressful and fulfilled life/ world. My greatest heart’s desire is that you and I become an epitome of love and peace wherever we are and go…all the days of our life. In a world of darkness, the only hope and real solution is to bring the light…and not curse/ condemn the darkness—as the later is a pure waste of time, resources, and vital energy. In the same manner, in a world full of hatred and unrest/ war, the only real and permanent solution, is to bring love, and peace with us wherever there is hatred/ war…and eventually birth a new generation and society where people love themselves and others— and are at constant peace with themselves/ one another…

Food for thought…Are you an epitome of love and peace? If so, how will humanity and your world benefit from this? Or are you going to put a veil over you and not let anyone around you benefit from these? If not, what will you do today and every other day of your life to love yourself more and experience more peace within, so you may be able to share this with others?

With much love and gratitude,

Your Transformation Friend & Doctor,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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