“A Healthy And Compelling Motivation Is Fundamental And Indispensable For Your Success And Fulfilment.” Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”
Les Brown

I am very privileged to work with a huge number of women of all background, nationality, race, culture, status, and faith…and during the course of my work with them, either through workshops, mentoring, coaching, seminars, and/ or conferences; One thing frequently stands out—irrespective of their background, nationality, race, culture, status, and/ or faith… their tendency to naturally conform and please others above themselves, especially their spouses and children. Amongst those dealing with the challenge of excessive weight gain (the majority of which is as a result of pregnancy and childbirth), over 80% have very low self-esteem and confidence and are subject to continuous pressure from their spouse/ partner, to lose the excess weight.

Yet, those who eventually decide to do something about their weight and health—anything, do so in an attempt to conform and please their spouses/partners, without any compelling intrinsic drive and motivation. They go on doing everything and anything in their power, to lose some weight in order to get the approval and recognition of their lovely spouse, which is often not the case…
Too often, those seemingly little efforts and progress which are equally important in the overall process and result, go unnoticed and unappreciated.

“A Healthy And Compelling Motivation Is Fundamental And Indispensable For Your Success And Fulfilment.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Before I got married and became a mother of 3 amazing children, my dress size was a size 10, and occasionally, a size 8; while my ideal weight was 55kg, though I sometimes dropped to 50kg when I worked out a lot more than usual. Generally speaking, I love and enjoy staying fit and looking good— in fact, it has become a lifestyle and an integral part of me. To me, it is all about experiencing optimal health and wellbeing, and true transformation and beauty that flourishes from within. It is very obvious that, whenever I am fit, healthy, and happy within, I am radiant; and eventually flourish emotionally, mentally, and physically— which is the same for everyone. 

Consequently, when you flourish in optimal health and wellness, this state of being and experience automatically impacts and benefits your overall health and wellbeing, and everything/ everyone around you, including your work, family, and relationships. You do not only feel contented, but absolutely great and excited about life. To me, this is the true essence of life…

Here I am, with every pregnancy and childbirth, comfortably becoming a size 14 and weighing up to 72kg following the birth of my first 2 children, and reaching an all-time high record of 80kg, 2 months after the birth of my 3rd Child and last daughter! Despite all the challenges and discomfort that come with pregnancy and childbirth, weight gain, yet, I am always determined and committed, to return to my ideal weight—usually by month 9 following childbirth, giving myself enough time to enjoy motherhood and simply chill.

Hence, after childbirth, I am always keen and zealous to get back to my ideal dress size and weight of 10 and 55kg respectively. But as you would know it from experience, especially those of you who are also in the same boat and are trying so hard to shed some extra pounds (especially those gained during pregnancy and after childbirth), and attain a healthy weight and lifestyle… this is not a task for the faint-hearted, undisciplined, and uncommitted/lazy…In effect, it takes courage, discipline, commitment, consistency, and hard work to lose a significant amount of weight and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle—especially after pregnancy and childbirth. 

My profound and insatiable desire to become fit and healthy again, and ultimately return to my ideal dress size of 10 and weight of 55kg is always so powerful and compelling that I am reminded of this desire each day I wake up and step out of bed, and every time I dress up… especially when I have to step out of the house, and I am compelled to spend hours looking for that ideal dress to wear! In fact, each time after childbirth, I have a complete wardrobe makeover…but I am always determined not to buy too much, lest I get comfortable and complacent with my new dress size!

Despite the weight challenges, these are some of the happiest, most precious, and fulfilled moments of my life—becoming a mother. I definitely do not get depressed or sad because of the excessive weight I tend to put on… rather, I concentrate on enjoying every single moment with my wonderful and gracious children, while keeping a very positive outlook towards my ideal weight/ lifestyle and health goals…and celebrating the sacrifices my entire being goes through to bring them into this world.

My all-time strategy is first and foremost to accept and love the new me, yet, never taking my eyes off my goal of getting back to the ideal me…which is far more fit, healthy, and dynamic. I am also resolved and committed to enjoying and celebrating every stage of my health and weight loss journey, irrespective of what my husband and/or loved ones think, say, or do!

On the other hand, my wonderful husband is always so obsessed about me returning to my premarital/ pre-pregnancy weight and dress size…such that he would often get me a gift (usually a size 10 dress) just before I am due to give birth! To him, this is to signify his expectation that I return to my ideal weight after childbirth, and fit into the dress!  Nevertheless, my profound desire and zeal to return to my ideal weight and dress size was always the key determining factor that drove and guaranteed my success… and it was never about my husband’s expectations or desires. As much as I love him, yet it is always first and foremost about my health, and my quest and hunger for a fit, fun, and healthy lifestyle again—which will eventually be of benefit, not only to me but to him and our children/ loved ones as well.

Hence, I seize this unique opportunity to address, encourage, and inspire every woman out there reading this piece right now…and going through a similar challenge at the moment, especially if you are married and have children. I deliberately chose to share my story with you, so as to equip and inspire you to always be hopeful, and never give up your desire for a healthy weight and lifestyle…for if I could achieve this—not once, not twice, but thrice… then the chances are, you too could do so, and most probably, much quicker than I did—because I am here to support you and provide you with a blueprint and a step by step guide, which when applied consistently in any area of your life, will produce desired results and guaranteed success.

In addition, I am also sharing with you my greatest weight loss strategy and success secret, which worked 3 times in a row and is still working now as I share this story with you…and is profoundly embedded, in my WHY. Your WHY is and will forever remain THE BEDROCK OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY AND SUCCESS…so settle it in your mind once and for all, before kick-starting your incredible journey.

Therefore, in order to be steadfast and continually motivated to achieve your healthy lifestyle/weight loss goal/s, it is very crucial and fundamental that you clarify and know exactly why this weight loss journey and ideal weight/ lifestyle you have chosen is important and beneficial! Furthermore, it is paramount that you establish the fact that you are doing it primarily for yourself—because you profoundly desire and yearn to undertake this journey and path. Eventually, others will benefit from your decision and actions, and not the other way round.

Good luck and enjoy your journey & success!

Reach out to me if you need any support!

To Your Health & Wellbeing!

Your Transformation Friend & Doc,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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