Everybody is unique and anyone can write a book at any age, even at four or 99!” Destiny Likambi

Six-year-old child prodigy and best-selling author of two books, Destiny Likambi made history again by
setting a new world record as the world’s youngest author to publish multiple books within months.
Earlier this month Destiny Likambi was officially recognized by the International Book of Records as the
World’s Youngest Author to Publish Multiple Books within 5 months (girl), an historic and groundbreaking achievement not just for her but also for her city and country, Liverpool and United Kingdom
The World Book of Records writes: ‘The World Record of “YOUNGEST AUTHOR TO PUBLISH MULTIPLE
BOOKS WITHIN 5 MONTHS (GIRL)” is achieved by DESTINY LIKAMBI on 28th December 2021 from
Liverpool, United Kingdom. 6 years 4 months 1 day old Destiny Likambi published 2 books within 5
months. She published her first book “THE GIRL ON THE JOURNEY” on 13th August 2021 and the second
book “DESTINY AND THE TROLL” on 28th December 2021 and has set a new world record for the
International Book of Records.’
Destiny published her debut book The Girl on the Journey at the age of five, and a few months later she
published her second book, Destiny and the Troll at the age of six, which earned her this world record.
Destiny has written four more books which will be published later this year, and is now a highly celebrated and world-renowned author at just six! Below is the video coverage by The World Book of Records.:


“I am excited to write my own books because I don’t just want to read other people’s books, I want to do more.” Destiny Likambi

Destiny Likambi is a six-year-old British girl from Liverpool, England. She is
currently the world’s youngest author to have published two books and an international best-selling author, who published her debut book, “The Girl on The Journey” and wrote two other books at age, five.

She’s the youngest of three loving and talented siblings (who are also best-selling authors) and an inspiring, confident and courageous young girl, and positive role model for children globally. Her passion for storytelling and art goes back to her nursery days when she always looked forward to telling everyone about her day and often brought home drawings and paintings. She also loves reading, listening to bedtime stories, and making up her own stories before bed.

All of the illustrations in her books are done by Destiny herself in collaboration with a professional artist, giving an added element of character to her work that matches her own fun and outgoing personality. The art, story, and title of each book in the series “Destiny Books” is chosen by Destiny, who already has a third and fourth book on the way!


I love reading and my books are for children who are learning to read and who love reading just like me.” Destiny Likambi


ABOUT THE BOOK: Destiny & The Troll

In this new series, Destiny sets out on an exhilarating new quest into the woods, and this time her journey comes with a spooky twist. Her inspiring tale involves encounters with an odd, mysterious creature, and Destiny must use her courage and bravery to save the day. What will she discover during her travels? Will she save the day? Join Destiny on her exciting new adventure to find out!

The book was narrated, written, and initially illustrated by five-year-old Destiny Likambi in just a day in March 2021 and was later on typed by her big sister, Latoya Likambi, and published by Likambi Global Publishing in December 2021.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Girl On The Journey

Do you like adventures? Then come along with Alena on her hectic journey after getting lost! She lets her bravery, courage, and optimism take over as she takes on a new adventure full of surprising turns, weather changes, people, and much more! Will she make it back home to her mum and sister safely? Let’s join her and find out!

This book was narrated, written, and initially illustrated by five-year-old Destiny over two days in March 2021 and was later on typed by her big sister, Latoya Likambi and published by Likambi Global Publishing in August 2021..

For more information, bulk orders, and interviews, please contact Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi at or, Tel: +44 (0)7539216072

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