Transforming The Young Mind

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• Youth Mentoring
• Youth Coaching
• Unleashing The Creative Genius in You

These are powerful creative and empowerment workshops designed to unleash the potentials trapped within young girls aged 7-11 years old. Too often, children underachieve in school, and some of them are designated as special needs children, which unfortunately result in such amazing abilities and potentials to become suppressed and unrecognized due to lack of faith and belief in themselves or by parents/peers and society! These children must be empowered to exploit their natural gifts and potential, and add value to our community and world!

Consequently, we will be running weekly arts and creative/ empowerment programs for Children aged between 7-11 years, including writing/reading, confidence building and self worth development. They will have opportunities to develop and write their own stories and poems, which will be published for them to raise funds to support their programs and outreach work. They will also have the opportunity to develop and write their own scripts for drama.

The Objectives of The Workshops:

  1. Explore The Power of Words & Creativity with your child
  2. Unveil your child’s Uniqueness, Identity & Worth
  3. Build your child’s confidence through the unspoken/spoken & written words.
  4. Unleash & maximize your child’s potentials and creativity.

Sessions are ran weekly during term time at £5 per session to cover workshop materials/ resources (Maximum 10 children per session for maximum engagement/ interaction).

We have 6 sessions during spring time, commencing on the 11th January 2017- 15 February 2017.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]