Short Stories by Latoya Likambi-AudioBook

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Get ready to delve into life at home, birthday parties in the pool, the amazing talent show, and life at school! You will find the very interesting and distinctive characters in this book working and playing together as a team, with some few and isolated exceptions of bullying and naughtiness, which are challenged and reproached.

The stories in this book convey an important message of the significance of trust, relationships, and teamwork; and encourage children to always work and have fun together as a team, be of good conduct towards one another and their teachers.

Kasey is a prominent and friendly character in the book, and we see various occasions where she celebrates, plays and works together with her friends.



1 review for Short Stories by Latoya Likambi-AudioBook

  1. admin

    Great book and a great read too. I will highly recommend this audiobook to parents of young children, so they can hear the author read in an authentic voice and tone.

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