“Rags to Riches” is an inspiring tale of a young boy named Josh who had a difficult start to life, from family troubles to money worries.

However, no matter how difficult things got for him, Josh refused to let his circumstances hold him back from achieving his dreams!

Follow Josh on his journey through all the ups and downs to see if he can overcome every obstacle and turn his life around.

“Rags to Riches,” by Caleb Likambi, is a tale of standing back up when life knocks you down, and the merits of working hard despite your hardships


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Multi-talented and gifted young author, Caleb Likambi releases his second  book, Rags to Riches, at the age of twelve, shortly after the success of his debut best-selling book, Tammy and the Shipwreck, which was released earlier this year. The books Rags to Riches is the first  instalment in the “Life Lessons” series by Caleb Likambi.

Rags to Riches tells the inspiring story of Josh, who is determined to move beyond his past and overcome the hardships and difficulties in his life and reach for the stars.

Caleb’s debut book, Tammy and the Shipwreck, was written in 2021 and released in early 2022 after being challenged to publish a book by his younger sister (The World’s Youngest Author to Publish Multiple Books within 5 Months, Destiny Likambi). Rags to Riches is the beginning of a series titled Life Lessons by Caleb Likambi, through which he aims to inspire young people and his peers to work hard, follow their dreams, and never give up in life, irrespective of their background or the circumstances they are faced with.

All the illustrations in Rags to Riches are done by Caleb Likambi and revamped by a professional illustrator, and the book is currently available to pre-order and will be officially released on Saturday 16th July.


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