12 Weeks 1-On-1 Mentoring/ Coaching


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This is an exclisuve 12 weeks mentoring/ coaching  program with Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi.

“A lot of people have gone further in life to accomplish what they never thought or believed they could, simply because someone else thought they could, believed  in them, and inspired/encouraged them to do so—this is the role of a mentor” Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi.

This is your ultimate chance to be mentored or coached by one of the very best mentors and role models of our time.

Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi is a highly inspiring and outstanding 21st century Mentor and Transformational Coach with immense insight, experience, and wisdom. She is also a life/ wellbeing Coach, Executive coach and Positive Role Model to multitudes, and has been multiple mentoring champion of the year finalist at the SEN Powerful Together awards, and Positive Role model for Gender at the National Diversity Awards. She brings a very unique and dynamic blend of inspiration, purpose, empowerment and transformation in her mentoring, that has the potential of transforming the most dormant/negative mindset into a highly productive/positive and dynamic mindset, capable of setting and achieving any life goal.

You will be guided and mentored or coached to identify and exploit your greatest strengths and accomplish those dreams you never thought you could, or that you have been ignoring or procrastinating for too long now, and fulfil your maximum potential and life’s purpose.

The mentoring or coaching sessions are designed to meet your specific needs and goals whatever they may be, we guarantee you we will work through this with you. This is a  4 weeks mentoring program.

This package includes the following based on availability:

  • Face to Face mentoring
  • Telephone mentoring
  • Skype Mentoring
  • Zoom Mentoring
  • Coaching


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