PRESS RELEASE: Liverpool’s Youngest Author Is Joined By The Lord Mayor & Headteacher At Landmark Waterstones Launch


“Confidence is not walking into a room and thinking that you are better than everyone in the room. It is not even trying to compare yourself with anyone in that room as well. It Is about knowing your strengths/ uniqueness, and working daily on cultivating better habits.” Latoya Likambi

Liverpool’s Youngest Author Celebrates Another Milestone With The Lord Mayor & Headteacher

Liverpool’s youngest author from St John Bosco Arts College continues to make great strides and pave the way for her peers and the next generation of children writers/ authors, inspirational speakers, and leaders in Liverpool and beyond, as she launched her new children’s bestseller this weekend at the prestigious Waterstones Bookshop following a historic launch at the Central Library by the Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr. Gary Millar 2 weeks ago.

The historic landmark event (and the only of its kind yet witnessed in Liverpool by a 12-year-old author), saw the City’s first citizen, The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor Lord of Liverpool, Cllr. Peter Brennan, the author’s Headteacher Mr. D Gidman/ teachers, and other reputable leaders and young people from Liverpool and across the Nation unite in Liverpool’s Prestigious Waterstones Bookshop on Saturday to commemorate our City’s youngest and currently only 12-year-old bestselling author from St John Bosco Arts College, Latoya Likambi, as she launched her new children’s book and training project to empower and inspire young children to unleash their creative genius and thrive to greater heights!

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction from the Author’s mum, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, who shared a joke about a lion and sheep with the audience with a fundamental message of the power of identity. She later welcomed the City’s first Citizen, Cllr. Peter Brennan, the author’s Headteacher Mr. D Gidman and the author to the stage for an official opening keynote speech and launch by the Lord Mayor.

Cllr. Peter Brennan delivered a powerful keynote speech congratulating the young author on her achievements and placing a particular emphasis on the fact that she is profoundly grounded by her family values and Christian faith that enables her to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness and gifts of every child out there. He jokingly asked if she ever stopped working or rested?

The book was then officially launched by the Lord Mayor, followed by another congratulatory speech from Mr. D Gidman, who was definitely the Headteacher of the day and obviously exhibited a sense of pride in the remarkable achievement of one of his Year 7 students—highlighting the outstanding ethos they hold as a school that thrives to enable students to attain their full potential.

The author’s dad, Mr. Michael Likambi also spoke about the indispensable role of good character in success, reminding Latoya and her peers of the need for always maintaining such as they progressed in life.

The young and eloquent 12-year-old author then got to the microphone and wowed the audience with her remarkable confidence as she delivered her inspiring speech, and shared some key lessons to take away from her new book which included: confidence, acceptance, being remorseful, and focusing on our strengths rather than weakness. She then finished off by reading an excerpt from the book and engaging in an exclusive Q&A session with her mum and the thrilled audience.

Then came the conclusive moment— the book signing with bespoke inspiring messages and the delicate autograph and seal of Liverpool’s youngest author forever in our hearts. Her goal is to inspire and empower as many children as possible through her books/ training platform, to unlock their creative genius and develop the confidence required to share their unique stories and write their own books.


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