Black History Month has come and gone too soon! Are we really done with celebrating Black History and all the incredible contributions countless black men, women, children, and communities bring to our world? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I strongly believe that every single day and moment is a unique opportunity to celebrate the amazing strength, courage, tenacity, and contribution of the countless black men, women, and young people worldwide who have made a tremendous difference in humanity and continue to pave the way and inspire others to do the same. It is also a time to celebrate the uniqueness and difference of every single human on earth, as that’s what really brings beauty to the human race! Let us not let fear, low self-esteem/ lack of confidence and insecurity hold us back from acknowledging and celebrating the success and unique qualities and strengths of those around us.

Nonetheless, there were some highly empowering and transformational programs and events set out last month to commemorate BLACK HISTORY, and I was immensely privileged and honoured to be present at one of such high profile events in the House of Parliament on Friday, 25th October 2019. This historic celebration saw my 1st daughter as the youngest speaker ever in the 7-year history of the event in the House of Parliament, and I was honoured to be present to witness  this historic day and learn from a plethora of diverse speakers and visionary leaders that were present and also spoke on the day. 

Consequently, I would like to take this unique opportunity to congratulate the incredible and inspiring visionary behind last month’s Black History Celebrations in The House of Parliament, Tony Tokunbo Fernandez, for a very successful and historic event – for the 7th year in a row! This year’s event was organized in conjunction with the Secretary of State for International Development – MP Alok Sharma. Simply put, IT WAS PHENOMENAL!

The speakers were very inspiring with powerful, relevant, and transformational messages that got delegates profoundly engaged, inspired, and motivated to take positive action in their lives, family, and career/ business!

It was a huge honour and privilege to take part in this prestigious event, and especially, to witness the youngest speaker ever (my little princess and one of the nation’s youngest bestselling authors, Latoya Likambi speak so eloquently and confidently amongst other great and inspiring speakers and leaders!

We are profoundly grateful to Tony Fernandez, for giving her this incredible opportunity and platform to share her message and inspire parents and children alike!

Tony had this to say following Latoya’s inspiring speech, “Latoya was our youngest ever speaker at our black history month celebrations which took place in The Uk House of Parliament on Friday.
Two things really blew my mind once I heard Latoya speak on Friday.
1. She is a natural orator (there are many motivational speakers today, but how many of them are natural orators?
 2.  Her mindset can not be measured in words. One thing is for sure, in less than five years you are going to hear more great things about this young girl , she is going to go places.”

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