Wishing you all inspiring wellbeing champions a glorious and healthy Sunday.

I want to believe you are all having a great weekend and taking care of yourselves.

Never be so concerned about the results and the final destination such that you forget to enjoy the journey and recognise the progress you are making! Too often we are so focused on the pounds/ weight we want to lose, and, fail to recognise, appreciate and enjoy the person we are becoming… celebrating how far we have come in this journey of wellbeing/ life!

Wherever you are in your well-being journey/ life… Pause, take some time to reflect, acknowledge your efforts, determination, and actions… and enjoy the ride, while being excited about the little progress you make daily. Such excitement fuels you with a new motivation, energy, and enthusiasm to keep going, stay optimistic about the journey, enjoy the journey, remain consistent, and focused on you and the destination… Keeping your eyes fixed on the rewards and lifestyle that await you.

If you look at the fitness photos above (taken in the first month of our Facebook Live fitness sessions) compared to the one below (taken in the 3rd month) there’s a significant difference! Nonetheless, my focus was NEVER on the weight I needed to shed… On the contrary, it was on the healthier, fitter, happier, and more dynamic individual I was becoming with each new day! Losing weight and developing lean muscles was automatic by product/ result of my new lifestyle and habits!

I didn’t weigh myself every now and then… sometimes I even went for a month without climbing on the scale! Why? It was never about the scale but me… My lifestyle, my energy, my strength, my health, my daily experiences, my super healthy and optimistic mindset, and love for myself, others, and life! It was about being better equipped to fulfill my divine mandate and life purpose! It was about becoming the best of myself with each new day… to serve and live the very best of what each new day had to offer… IT WAS ABOUT GRATITUDE!

I wish you a spectacular, joyful, and fun-filled Sunday, beloved! Would any of you like to share your incredible journey and experience with us let’s all acknowledge and celebrate you and journey/ progress?

To your best health and life ever ?

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