My Driver Got Me Into This Mess – Get Me Out Of Here!

Help! My Driver Got Me Off Track!

By now you must have noticed that I use a lot of metaphors and analogies in my writings. I enjoy writing this way, as it gives my readers the unique opportunity to think, re-think, analyze, visualize, and experience my writings in their own very unique life circumstances and environment.

Now, who’s the driver of your life and destiny? In this article, we are going to examine 3 basic and fundamental components that are indispensable for the smooth and successful operation and management of a car. In other words, we will examine those fundamental components that are indispensable for a car to fulfill its purpose of manufacture; without which a car is merely an object for viewing/ appreciation of human creativity/ intelligence. These 3 fundamental components are: the engine, the body work of the car, and the driver. For simplicity, I will like you to equate the spirit, body, and mind of your being to the engine, body work, and driver of the car, respectively.

If you were to categorize these 3 fundamental components required for the successful operation and management of a car, which of them would you say is the most important /superior and indispensable component required in order for a car to fulfill its original intent of manufacture? That is a very tricky question, isn’t it? Hence, do you realize just how important and indispensable they all are for the correct functioning and operation of the car? They work together for the usefulness of the car and fulfillment of its purpose. In the same manner, your spirit, body and mind must work together in complete harmony, for the correct functioning of your being and fulfillment of your purpose of existence.

Of note, the engine of a car is the main and only source of power and driving force behind the movement and function the car, without which, the car cannot move—and becomes a static metallic object for viewing/ exhibition. Scientifically speaking, the car engine is an energy converter— converting and releasing the mechanical energy locked up within the fuel it contains into kinetic energy that results in the movement of the car wheels/ car.

On the other hand, the body work of the car is equally important and essential. As vital and indispensable as the engine of a car could be, an engine without a body to contain it and its passenger/s, will never be called a car nor be able to fulfill its original intent of invention— that which is to transport people and/ or goods from one destination to the other. Nonetheless, the body work of a car will never determine the full potential/ ability of the car, regardless of how beautiful, colorful or strong it may look. In exactly the same manner, our physical bodies (shapes, sizes, complexions, heights, genders, etc) could never be able to determine our full potential/ abilities—regardless of how beautiful, big, strong, and/or flawless they may be.

Now, imagine the different brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc, with all their magnificence! Yet, of what use will such be without the engine/power from within it that enables it to move and take you around? Regardless of how beautiful/posh the body work of a car looks, unfortunately, it is of no use without a functional engine. In fact, a car without an engine simply becomes a magnificence of man’s invention to be admired and appreciated—a massive and beautiful multipurpose container.

Finally, the driver, as the name clearly states, is responsible for driving the car, and thus making it fully operational and useful. In essence, ensuring its purpose is fulfilled. A great engine, a great body work, and no driver, results in depreciation of a car and eventually renders it useless/ worthless. In the same way, a Great Spirit and physical body without a soul/ mind, renders us and our potential worthless.

As a minimum requisite, a good and responsible driver of any car is expected have knowledge of the engine capacity, fuel type supported by the engine, the maximum speed/ capacity of that car, and the road signs/ speed limits, so as not to misuse or abuse it. Furthermore, the driver is in complete control, and determines how, when, and where he steers the car to. In reality, he determines how well the full potential and qualities of the car is maximized, and whether or not it stays on track, and hence on the road, or go off track—either consciously or unconsciously/ carefully or carelessly. A good, responsible, sound, alert, and conscious driver ensures that he/ she drives and steers the car very well, and keep it on course at all times. In exactly the same way a sound, healthy, courageous, focused, and vision-driven mind determines the course/ ride and direction of your life…and ensures it keeps you safe, sound, and on track at all times, no matter what!

On the other hand, a bad, irresponsible/ distracted and careless driver will eventually drive the car off track and/ or instigate an accident— causing damage to both the body work and the engine of the car, rendering it dysfunctional or useless (depending on how serious/ grave the accident is). In some cases, when the engine knocks down, the car can still be towed or pushed manually for some time, with the driver manipulating the car, but this can only last for a short while—as a car was never designed and manufactured to function this way. For how long can we tow or push that car from the external and rely on external forces and the driver maneuvering the physical features of the car (such as steering, brakes, accelerator, etc) to sustain movement/ normal function? For how long can we rely of external forces/ drivers, to drive and bring our lives back to normal and on track again?

The driver of a car, and hence your mind (though seemingly trivial when looking at the car or you), is the most important entity, that will determine how well the car/ your life is drivesen, and how much it stays in control or off track! This is exactly what happens to us when our mind is troubled/ clouded with worries, unwell, unsound, fearful, distracted, sedated (from the use of drugs, alcohol, etc): we lose sight of our life journey/ course, go off track, destroy our ourselves/ lives, and are unable to fulfill our destiny/ life purpose! Consequently, like a car that is being towed or pushed, we are bound to rely on others/ external factors and medications to take us back on track and on course… to be happy, fulfilled, etc, which are only temporary and short lived solutions—and leaves us disconnected from our true source of strength and the immense power/ potential that dwells within us.

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