Leading Empowerment and Transformation Authority brings you the Personal and Professional Transformation and Success Planner

The Personal and Professional Transformation and Success Planner: Your Ultimate Blueprint to Success & Abundance in All Areas of Life is almost here!

Leading Empowerment and Transformation Authority, Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi brings you Cutting-edge Personal and Professional Transformation and Success Planner: Your Ultimate Blueprint to Success & Abundance in All Areas of Life.

The Personal and Professional Transformation and Success Planner is a vital resource for visionaries who aspire to reach their full potential and take the necessary steps towards greatness. The planner is designed to enable you to create clarity, vision, motivation, focus, and the discipline and mindset needed to thrive and succeed in all areas of your life. It provides a clear roadmap and blueprint to living a purposeful, successful, and fulfilling life of abundance. In addition, it offers you daily opportunities to reflect on your life, express gratitude, identify and prioritize what is important and really matters to you; and brings you ultimate joy and fulfilment — and manifest this.

A unique feature of planner is that it comes without dates, allowing you to customize it and begin/ measure your personal and professional journey, growth and transformation from day one of using it. It comprises daily entries for affirmations, gratitude, goals, achievements and reflection; to keep you focused and motivated, while also providing the motivation and inspiration through daily quotes and affirmations. Each page is carefully designed to redirect your focus to positive, vision-driven and purposeful thinking such that by investing just 6-10 minutes each day on it you can step towards your ultimate goals and vision and achieve the success and abundance that you truly deserve and inspire others to do the same. 

Pre-order a copy of The Personal and Professional Transformation and Success Planner below:

About Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi:

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi is a visionary, empowerment and transformation guru, transformational/motivational Speaker, mentor, executive/ life coach, and author. She is the visionary founder & Global CEO of Dr Sylvia Likambi International, and founder/CEO of Award-Winning non profit community interest company Voice of Nations (VON), with a vision to transform the lives and status of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women so they can become aware of their rights and full potential, and excel into positions of leadership and financial independence.

Dr Forchap is also the founder and Global Chair of Global Visionary Women Network, set up to unite visionary women from all walks of life and nations, to educate and empower the ordinary girl child and woman, into extraordinary citizens and leaders of purpose. In addition, she also founded Little Angels Foundation charity to support orphans/disadvantaged children and families in Cameroon and abroad, and to promote health and well being of the disadvantaged in the UK.

She is a leading empowerment and transformation authority, and a very charismatic and innovative 21st Century inspirational and motivational thinker, speaker, and writer, with a compelling vision and passion to impact and positively transform lives and communities through communication, education, mentoring, empowerment and enterprising.

Over the years, Dr Sylvia has coached, supported and inspired over 500 entrepreneurs, thousands of women, and relentlessly empowered, inspired, and motivated many to come out of addictions, depression, get into training, volunteering, employment/ self employment and leadership roles, and also offered them several of such opportunities through her organizations (VON and GVWN).

In addition, she has mentored numerous women, students, and emerging entrepreneurs, and was multiple nominee/ finalist for Mentoring Champion of the Year at The Social Enterprise Network (SEN)Powerful Together Awards 2012-2014, and also for The Member’s Choice Awards in 2012 and 2013 (which celebrates the achievements of an individual who can demonstrate their commitment and contribution to the world of social enterprise, and critically, how they have enabled entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and aspirations, and also nominated Positive Role Model for at The UK National Diversity Awards 2013 and 2016

She has also delivered several successful and life transforming revolutionary leadership, empowerment programs for VON (leading it to earn the prestigious SEN Behaviour Changed Award in 2013), WEA, and a host of commissioned projects nationally and internationally. She has featured on several national and international Radio and TV stations, to speak on the theme of female empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other topics; and been guest/ keynote speaker to several audiences, ranging from community groups to universities.

She grew up in Cameroon, and later moved to Italy where she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and PhD from the University Ferrara-Italy, during which time,she was recipient of various Italian and Australian– Europe Scholarships.

At completion of her PhD in Australia and Italy,she worked as Postdoctoral Researcher in Italy and the UK; and became Honorary Research Associate with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in 2008, and a member of The European Hematology Association in 2009.

Sylvia has participated immensely in leukemia research and is author/co-author in a number of international peer reviewed journals. She is also an ILM certified executive and business/Life Coach..

Her loyalty and service to the community goes beyond the call of duty, sessions, or financial reward, as she continues to support, guide, motivate, and encourage her beneficiaries at out of office hours and at no costs, even as they move on to fulfill their dreams through coaching, e-mentoring, emails, and phone calls.

Her ethnicity, life experiences, educational background, resilient nature, and down to earth personality has given her the tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve and interact with some of the most deprived and underprivileged within diverse cultures, educational backgrounds, and communities; inspiring and challenging them to step forth confidently to unleash their untapped potentials and fulfil their dreams, regardless of their background, gender or circumstances.

She is a strong believer of the fact that as leaders we are called to serve rather than being served, and that to whom much is given much is expected. As a result, she endlessly embarks on a selfless journey of service and giving back to her community without an expectation of being financially rewarded or praised. Her greatest reward is in the satisfaction she gets from experiencing lives being transformed as a result of her humble service to humanity.

For more information Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi and her work, please visit: www.voiceofnations.org.uk/project , www.globalvisionarywomennetwork.org 

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