Is Reflexology A Vital Key to Optimal Health and Well Being?

By Caroline Williams

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What is Reflexology? Reflexology is an alternative therapy whereby a combination of massage and applying pressure to certain points of the hands feet or ears is used to enable the body to heal itself. This works by working on the blockages on meridian points to release toxins from the body.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology and Pain: The results can sometimes be instant. For example it worked on a lady just last week who came into clinic with sciatica. She was in agony and wondered if there was anything we could do. I suggested a little reflexology could help. After just 20 minutes she noticed the difference by the time she left it had gone completely. After weeks of pain and taking tablets prescribed to her from her GP she was pain-free.

Reflexology and Stress/ Anxiety: Reflexology isn’t just known for relieving pain it is also extremely beneficial to those suffering with depression stress and anxiety. It is known and proven to relieve symptoms of depression through working on points through massage or pressure. Toxins are then released from the body and positive endorphins replace them.

I have worked on a number of people with stress. In fact this is my most common client. It works wonders and quite often the results are instant. Some results last longer than others and regular appointments may be needed.

Like stress, anxiety is another condition that responds well to reflexology. /

Reflexology and Infertility: Reflexology can help deal with almost any ailment. One that I find particularly useful and beneficial to many is for infertility.  Many people have had extremely positive results through this simple painless, inexpensive technique. The study was done in Plymouth at an IVF unit and 13 of the 23 women treated fell pregnant.

Also good for stimulating nervous System headaches increases circulation, cleans up your urinary tract conditions, increases energy levels, enables relaxation, speeds up healing amongst many other benefits.

There are some simple tips you can do yourself in just a few minutes if you are feeling anxious.

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By Caroline Williams


Holistic Therapist