I love myself more and more with each new day.

Do you feel or know with certainty that this applies to YOU?

Sadly, I know a lot of people who really struggle to love themselves! Unfortunately, self-harm is becoming a common reality in today’s society… where the degree of self-hate is becoming alarming! Too often than not, we try to fill this vacuum and “hate for self” with material possessions or worldly pleasures ( such as partying, alcohol, drugs, sexual pleasures, career obsession, financial possession, etc) which are, unfortunately, only short-lived and could never fill the void! Eventually, our pain and resentment for the self continue and are expressed in so many forms of “self-affliction”.

Beloved, you could never harm or hurt anything or anyone you love… not even yourself! Nonetheless, this is for you… I want you to know that you are worthy and precious… and deserve to be loved – just as you are… by you and others ( but most importantly by YOU)! Yes, with all your imperfections and shortcomings – JUST AS YOU ARE!

You could never love anyone more than you love yourself or expect anyone to love you more than you love yourself! The degree to which you love yourself is the same degree to which you could love others or expect others to love you! Anything short of the above is pretense, hypocrisy, illusion, and deception!

How could you ever give someone what you don’t have or possess? How could you reject something, and yet expect to have it? How could you reject and accept at the same time? When we love ourselves less, all attempts by others to genuinely love us are questioned, misinterpreted, dismissed, and even rejected… as we do not deem ourselves worthy of such degree of love!

‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12:31

I greatly encourage you to explore, exploit, and maximize the power in today’s affirmation; incorporate it into your daily routine/life and proclaim it every morning and as often as required… until it becomes the norm to start loving yourself and embracing yourself and your imperfections more and more with each new day… so that you may be able to love others in return/ accept their imperfections more and more with each new day!

You don’t have to believe it! All you need to do and must do is: SPEAK IT! AFFIRM IT! DECREE IT… until your conscious mind hears it over and over and has no other option but to give in and pass it on to your subconscious mind that embraces and accepts it as truth!

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21.

Consequently, by affirming, you are merely speaking and bringing life into every dead situation and condition in your life. You are bringing hope where there was hopelessness; love where there was hatred; forgiveness where there was unforgiveness; healing where there was infirmity; peace where there was strife; order where there was confusion; and joy where there was sadness… Through the power of positive affirmations, you are using your words powerfully to create your new and ideal reality and experience.

Of note, science supports and endorses the power of positive affirmations. When consciously, deliberately, and repeatedly practiced, they have the potential to reinforce chemical pathways in the brain and strengthen neural connections. Furthermore, neuroscience has demonstrated that our thoughts are capable of changing the structure/neuroplasticity and function of our brains.

“The abilities of this innate intelligence, subconscious mind, or spiritual nature are far greater than any pill, therapy, or treatment, and it is only waiting for our permission to willfully act. We are riding on the back of a giant, and we’re getting a free ride.” Joe Dispenza

Be transformed through the renewal of your mind…

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