How Unrealistic Are You? Be Realistic!

How unrealistic could we be in the 21st century?

Today we live in a world where everyone seems to be put in the same box… we seem to currently have a one-size-fits-all ideology and philosophy

However this philosophy may sound, it is not the reality and will never be the reality. Why? Because each and every one of us is so unique and distinct… and endowed with unique abilities and potentials to fulfill a distinct mission and purpose on earth. In fact, our uniqueness could be traced right back to when we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs (even before we were born) and engraved within our very unique DNA. 

Hence, it will be very obvious that if we are distinct is our being… different from the other we cannot and will never fit into the same box. Furthermore, what is the reality for one cannot and will never be the reality for the other. In the same way, what can be unrealistic for one will not necessarily be unrealistic for the other. Therefore, we cannot let people put us in a box… defining or dictating what is realistic or should be realistic in our lives; and what is unrealistic or should be unrealistic— and as such, influence our decisions or the way we plan and shape our lives.

When we let people, society, or the world to determine in which box we fit or do not fit and consequently, what goals/ ambitions we should have, unfortunately, we begin operating at very average and mediocre levels which are far below our true potential and worth. Consequently, we will never be able to fulfill our maximum potential and experience true success and fulfillment. This is so because no one knows what your maximum potential and/ or life purpose is… No one knows what you were really born to do or what you can do and have the capacity to do or become. As a result, no one but you is qualified to define what is realistic or unrealistic to you!

It’s very interesting to see how the vast majority of people in the world today are so pessimistic and very pragmatic… Very few are capable of seeing beyond their background/ history, past and present reality and have become so shortsighted and even blind when it comes to looking at the future and at unfamiliar territories. They have become so shortsighted to what they can be or become, and to what is accepted as normal and realistic. They lack the vision to see beyond the physical barriers of the eyes, and they only function and see through their eyes and sight. Their vision is so blurred and distorted… We see this at our homes, workplaces, business, schools, universities, society, etc. We have become so pessimistic—not being willing to be creative and train our minds and also “eyes” to envisage a better, brighter and unprecedented future and go for it with so much enthusiasm and optimism!

So, what am I saying? In order to maximize your full potential and live a fulfilled and successful life, it is paramount that you become very unrealistic… It is paramount that you no longer conform to the status quo… or to what people/ society or even your parents/ family think, say, or believe is realistic or unrealistic. It is paramount and indispensable that you step out of the box and live your authentic life—fulfilling your greatest and maximum potential.

If any of the great and successful leaders and entrepreneurs who have gone before us and those who are outstanding leaders and pioneers in their industry today were very realistic, then we would never have been able to experience in our lifetime some of the great products, victories, and inventions that we have today.

Jesus, for example, would never have been able to feed 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes if he dared to be realistic… Every research and analysis would have proven him wrong and discouraged him from having and pursuing an unrealistic and unachievable goal.

Alexander the Great would never have been able to conquer Darius of Persia with only an army of 35000 men against an army of over 200,000 (some ancient text even suggest a million). The odds were definitely against him, and every risk assessment and analysis would have identified his vision and plans as very risky and unrealistic/ unachievable— and hence, discouraged him to take such a courageous and vision-driven move!

If Henry Ford would have been very realistic then, he would never have produced his famous V8 motor. This is so because when he envisaged an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine, the engineers came back with this design on paper, but told him it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece— it was unrealistic and unachievable. But what was Ford’s response to their “expert” and very realistic advice and opinions? “Produce it anyway.” Yes, it is unrealistic, but Henry Ford is also unapologetically unrealistic and a visionary!

If Thomas Edison would have been very realistic or an employee, we would probably never have had the light bulb today because he would have stopped or probably lost his job after about 1000 failed attempts! How unrealistic was that?  Yet, what happened? He pressed on and was determined to persistently stay unrealistic until he achieved his unrealistic goal!

What is my message? Very simple… BE UNREALISTIC! If you must fulfill your maximum potential and achieve greatness, you must be ready and be willing to be unapologetically unrealistic! Set those unrealistic goals… Have unrealistic dreams, unrealistic visions… and keep your eyes focused on them! After all, vision is an internalized mental picture of an ideal life … an internalized mental picture of a preferred future—your purpose. It’s a mental picture – within your mind so it’s not real, it’s not tangible… no one can see it but you! Go forth now and set those truly “unrealistic goals” in 2019 and watch yourself master your greatest strengths and become very confident in your ability to conquer and achieve whatever your mind can conceive and believe!

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